With its fun combination of easy gameplay, a bit of skill, and an understanding of some strategies, the game of online blackjack easily becomes one of the most popular casino games around. This is the main reason why you will find a number of online blackjack variations that you can play and enjoy. Some of them are now regulars in many brick-and-mortar casinos and have become classic favorites that are used as the main product offerings of top online gambling operators.

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The following is a list of the popular variants of online blackjack games that you can play. Although these games share some rules and general gameplay requirements, each game has its own set of specific rules and conditions that makes it truly unique.

Classic Online Blackjack

online blackjack

This is considered as the most popular variant that you can play online. The rule of this card game is clear and easy to learn - come up with a hand close to 21 without exceeding that number so you can beat the dealer. In online blackjack, the casino uses between 2 and 4 decks of cards and the rules allow for splitting and doubling the bet. This game will also allow the players to re-split the cards up to two times, and doubling the bet is allowed right after a split. The dealer, on the other hand, will check his hand and will hit on a soft 17.

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European Blackjack

This is a slightly different version with the use of only two decks of cards and the dealer’s strategy to stand on a soft 17. One main difference with the classic version is that the dealer will no longer check for a blackjack. While playing, the gambler is can only double down their bet if the hand value ranges from 9 to 11. Also, this card game will allow the players to multiply the bet after splitting.

Match Play 21

This is a different variant of online blackjack with the removal of all the 10s in the deck. This game allows the players to duplicate and split their bets. The dealer is also allowed to hit on a soft 17.


In many online betting houses, this is known as ‘Spanish 21’ which requires the dealer cards to be distributed face down. Even if you have less information on the hand of the dealer, this game will reward you with higher payouts. You will score a ‘Pontoon’ if your two-hand card has a value of 21. You can only stand if you have a hand value of at least 15 and the dealer hits on a soft 17.

Face Up 21

As the name suggests, the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. Since the cards are in full display, this will offer you more information that you can use to plan your strategy. You can double after a split if the hand total is 9, 10, or 11. The dealer will hit on a soft 17 and if both the player and dealer get 21, this will result in a loss by the player.

Perfect Pairs

This variant shares a number of similarities with the Classic Blackjack game, except with the presence of an extra side bet. This is an additional wager on your first two cards that are of the same value. When you play the game in an online casino for real money, you can play up to 5 hands in every round, and you can also split and double down.

Multi-Hand Online Blackjack

The multi-hand version is a challenging game to play since it will allow you to play a number of hands at a time. But for many skilled players, this gameplay is highly entertaining and gives them more opportunities to win more money in the round. This variant of the game stands out since the player can only split once and he can only double if the hand total is 9, 10, 0r 11. The dealer here is unable to check for blackjack and will stand on a soft 17.

Spanish 21

This casino game shares some similarities with Pontoon with the removal of the tens from the deck of cards. This comes with a higher house edge compared to other games but players can count on easy-to-remember rules and conditions. For example, a player can surrender after a double, and he can double after a split.

Thanks to the availability of different variants, you can easily choose which type of entertainment will appeal to your needs, bankroll, and playing style. You will also enjoy it more and it will add more excitement and challenge to your gaming experience as each variant comes with specific online blackjack rules and conditions. Do you want to learn more and read about the best online operators in the Philippines that offer the game? Read our guides on the game to get complete guidance.

Standard Online Blackjack Rules

Although blackjack games come in different variants, there are some things that remain constant. Just take the case of rules and gameplay in online blackjack.

When you sign up for an account with top online casinos with numerous blackjack games to play online, you’ll discover several similarities.

It all starts with the main objective: your main objective is to beat the dealer in one of two ways.

  • One, get a hand total that’s better than the dealer’s hand.
  • And two, don’t get over ‘21’ when the casino dealer does.

In short, your success in blackjack online hinges on how well you understand the objective and your strategies in handling the table game cards.

Card Values

When you play online blackjack games, each card assumes its face value. For example, the cards ‘8’ and ‘9’ will assume values of 8 and 9 respectively when forming your hand. Picture cards, like the Kings and Queens, will collect the value of 10 in a blackjack casino. On the other hand, an Ace can be 1 or 11 depending on how you play blackjack. The suits are irrelevant when you play blackjack. The total value of your hand refers to the combined value of cards. For example, a hand that features an 8-5-4 will total 17.

There are instances that during your live blackjack play, the hand value may exceed ‘21’. In gambling online, we call this as busting. This means that if you initially collect 6-10 and your next card is a 9, it means that you bust in the game because your total is 25. When you play online blackjack, the system becomes your partner in playing the game. As the calculation of the hand value is instant and your only job is to focus on the decision-making process. Thus, whether to Hit or Stand.

Hard and Soft Hands

In blackjack, hands can either be hard or soft. A hard hand is one that does not feature an Ace and if it does, it’s counted as 1. For example, a 10-7 is a hard 17. Now, if the hand features an Ace and it’s counted as 11, we call this as a soft hand. As a player, it’s best that you should know if it’s a soft and hard hand since the majority of the basic strategy and tips depend on this information.

Basic Betting Rules

You play this classic table game on a semi-circular table that seats up to 7 players. When you take a seat, you’ll notice a circle or a square box that serves as the betting spot. Also, you will find the casino chips for use during the game.

In many traditional casinos, you don’t use cash to play. The common practice is to use chips on the table. If you sit at the table, place your cash on the table in front of the dealer. Who will then exchange the cash for Casino Chips? You should stack the chips in front of you. Also, you will notice that when you play for real money, the chips are color-coordinated to reflect their denomination. Often, a $1 chip comes in white, $5 in red, and $25 in green.

In online casino games, the arrangement is a bit different. When you play blackjack online, you will not see or play against a professional dealer. Instead, you will just find a table with a circular layout. The cards are dealt in front of you with a double or single deck, and there are three options dealt directly in front of the dealer. Once you have clicked ‘Deal’, you need to decide whether to ‘Hit’ or ‘Stand’. Some platforms allow you to choose ‘Double’. If you choose an action, the system will automatically compute the value. And will inform you whether you win or lose. Also, the system will tell you about the wins that you can collect.

Live Dealer Games

Some leading online casinos today now feature live dealer games. In a live dealer casino, you can enjoy the same perks offered by online gaming like playing using a desktop anywhere but with an opportunity to play directly against a dealer in real-time. In a live casino, you enjoy the best of both worlds. Even though you’re playing online blackjack remotely, you can still get an authentic gaming experience since you play directly against the dealer. To enjoy live dealer blackjack, you’ll need a steady internet connection. You also have the option to enjoy the live streaming services through the use of smartphones courtesy of mobile casinos.

To sum up, here are the basic steps to keep in mind when playing online:

  1. Click on a chip and click the table. You can click on multiple chips to reflect the actual value you want to play in every round.
  2. Click ‘Deal’ to start the distribution of the cards.
  3. You will receive two cards. The dealer will also get the same number but only will show a face-up.
  4. Decide whether to ‘Hit’ or ‘Stand’.
  5. If you decide to ‘Hit’, you will receive an extra card.
  6. The system will then calculate the hand value and provide an announcement of whether you win or lose.

Whether you play the standard blackjack online version or the live dealer variant, the goal of the real money game remains the same. Your main motivation is to beat the dealer and hurdle the house edge. Also, you will find online blackjack tournaments that can enhance your play. Here, each game counts, and your scores added to the leaderboard. Blackjack tournaments are highly recommended for competitive players who want a bigger challenge.

Blackjack Play Tips

Just like Pai Gow, video poker, and other classic table games, blackjack is fun, challenging, and a highly lucrative casino game to play. And with a manageable house edge, playing at an online blackjack site is one of the best things that you can do. Although it’s fun and appealing, it pays to be cautious and ready before you play in real money. As a matter of practice, make sure you consider a few important blackjack secrets, tips, and suggestions.

For a start, make sure you play at a fully licensed and regulated online casino, as you will be investing your time and money. So you want a site that’s committed to your security and privacy.

Aside from its license, watch out for its commitment to data protection regulation and site encryption. Also, we recommend that you take advantage of online casino bonuses. Whether it’s in the form of a new customer offer, cashback, or free chips, the online blackjack bonuses can help boost your bankroll and enhance gameplay. When using bonuses, make sure you pay attention to the wagering requirements and other casino bonus terms. Just like in sports betting, your freebies and bonus are not completely free- they feature some conditions too.

Furthermore, it helps if you can play first for free. Before you try the many deposit methods, find free demo versions of the game that are by Arkadium. By playing in the free demo, you can test a blackjack strategy like card count. Finally, don’t forget to gamble responsibly. Set a budget and learn to set limits when you play.


💰 Can I play blackjack online for real money?

Yes. You can play blackjack online for real money. Just pick a legitimate online casino from our top casinos’ list and make a registration.

♠️ Is it easy to learn how to play online blackjack?

Yes. Online Blackjack is an easy game to learn and you don’t need to have much experience or skill because it is a game of chance.

♣️ What is the house edge for online blackjack?

The house edge for blackjack in online casinos is close to 1%. This is the lowest house edge game you will find in any casino online.