According to recent gambling data, sports betting is considered one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world. The popularity of this form of gambling is notable in a number of countries, particularly in the Philippines. In the Philippines, the passion for gambling and sport started in the early 1600s when the early Filipinos were engaged in cockfighting.

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According to many historians, gambling is already present in the country even before the Spanish colonization. It is said that the Chinese were the ones who introduced gambling in the country, and one of the first forms of sports gambling practiced by the locals was cockfighting. Today, gambling is alive and well even in the face of a number of laws that regulate these activities.

The legality of Sports Betting in the Philippines

online sports bettingIn the Philippines, the laws are mixed when it comes to gambling and sports betting Philippines. A casual reading of the laws reveals that Philippines-licensed online casinos are not allowed to accept bets from Filipinos. But if you place your wagers in the state-run Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), then you are allowed to gamble and bet on sports. This legal opening gives Philippines online players the chance to take part in sports betting, from gambling on basketball, tennis, boxing to horse racing.

But the popularity of online gambling and sports betting among Filipinos started to grow with the popularity of the internet and the emergence of online betting sites. Thanks to innovations in technology and the popularity of mobile devices, gambling services have become more accessible leading to the rise of the number of offshore sportsbooks that accept players in the Philippines. Today, all you need to do is to find a licensed offshore online casino, check if it is licensed to accept players from the Philippines, and sign up for an account to bet.

In short, new technologies, mobile devices, and ‘friendly licensing laws’ help democratize access to sports betting. Although you can now find dozens of online sportsbooks with dozens of gambling options that allow this form of online gambling, it’s not recommended that you simply sign up and bet your money. Just like in other forms of activities, one should be properly informed about its purpose and how it should be done.

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Sports Betting - What It Means

Simply put, sports betting refers to the process of a form of gambling where you predict the result or the outcome of a specific sporting event. The events may vary depending on the casino or the market, for example, you will predict what team will win between the Golden State Warriors and the Portland Trailblazers in the National Basketball Association (NBA) or the total number of points that can be recorded in a Philippine Basketball (PBA) matchup.

In making this prediction, you will normally put a real money wager. And if your prediction is correct, you will win an amount computed based on the existing odds. In sports betting, you will discover different betting options and often it’s based on the sport or the league. For example, you may encounter a different set of bets in NBA betting compared to tennis, boxing or horse racing.

online sports bettingHow to Bet - Follow these Steps

The great thing about sports betting is that it combines two popular forms of entertainment- sport and gambling. If you are passionate about these two forms of activities, then online sports betting is right for you. You can follow the steps listed below if you want to start your adventure online:

  1. Find an online sportsbook and create an account. If you are from the Philippines, then you should make sure that this is a licensed offshore online casino or sportsbook that accepts real money wagers from the Philippines online players. Another option is to place bet physically with Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). However, this is normally done offline and you need to visit the physical shop.
  2. Once registered, you need to visit its sports betting section and find your preferred sporting event. Ideally, you should be familiar with the sport that you want to follow and put your bet on. For example, you can make an informed bet on an NBA team if you know its standings, its top players, and its history.
  3. Check out the available bets for the sport and the different sports betting odds. If you follow the NBA, then you should be aware of the NBA betting odds before attempting to make a bet. The money that you will earn from your bet will also depend on the odds presented on the website.
  4. Select the type of bet that you want to play and decide on your stake. You will find different types of bets available including the ‘Point Spread’ and ‘Money Line’. if you would like to participate in NBA online betting Philippines opportunities, then one of the most popular bets that you can take is the ‘Point Spread’.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the type of bet and wager, click ‘Submit’. Once you have submitted your bet, the next step is to follow the progress of the game and hope that your team and bet will win in the end.

A Few More Reminders About Betting Online

When it comes to sports betting, it’s also best to look beyond the license of the sportsbook. Aside from being a licensed platform, you should also consider the amount or the quality of bonuses that are offered by the casino. When it comes to bonuses, you can’t go wrong with a deposit bonus or welcome bonus package and a free bet. An online sportsbook that offers an exciting free bet will give you the confidence to play the game risk-free.

It’s also best to pay attention to the types of sporting events that are covered by the sportsbook. If you are passionate about basketball and want to bet on NBA teams, then you should look for online sportsbooks that allow NBA online betting and offers NBA betting odds.

Finally, sign up with a sportsbook that offers live and mobile betting. In live or in-play betting, you can place your wagers even if the game is on-going. With live betting, you are placed in the middle of the sporting action and you can easily calibrate your strategy depending on how the momentum shifts from one team to the next. Mobile sports betting, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to enjoy the sport and place your bets anytime, anywhere. With the use of your preferred mobile device, you can easily place your wager on-the-go. To enjoy this facility, you may need to download a sports betting app that is offered by the casino.

Anyone who never placed a sports bet or read odds will find sports betting a complex activity. With its unique jargon, statistics, and different types of bets, the idea of placing money on the outcome of a game can be quite stressful for many. If you are planning to take part in this activity and you still have questions, you can consider this site as a helpful resource. We encourage you to read, immerse yourself in the games, and learn more about sports betting. And if you need help in finding the most reliable online sportsbook that accepts Philippine players, then our website can also help.

Different Types of Sports Bets to Play

Once you’ve picked the right sportsbook where you can bet legally, the next thing to consider is the type of bets to play. In many online sportsbooks, you are allowed to follow the most popular sports and leagues and you’re offered the right set of sportsbook bonuses to complete the experience.

For the Philippines-focused sites, you can bet on popular Philippines sports like basketball, tennis, boxing, horse racing, soccer, and volleyball. eSports is covered too thanks to the popularity of Mobile Legends, Counter-Strike, and Call of Duty. But how and what types of bets should you play? Let’s take a look at the most popular betting types accepted and supported by Philippine online bookmakers.

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Win and Moneyline Bets

For many enthusiasts, the win and money line bets are the same. Yes, they are used in different ways by online sportsbooks but they refer to the same type of bet. This is the most basic type of bet in sports gambling and you simply bet on who or what team will win the game or match. For example, there’s a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat.

To make мoneyline sports bet, simply put your money on either the Lakers or the Heat. If you put your wager on the Lakers and win, then you win the wager. Here, you are not concerned by the point difference between the two- the objective is to predict the winner.

Although the objective is simple, the mechanics of money line bets can be tricky for the first time bettor. In making a money line bet, there will be a favorite and an underdog. And the principle here is that you win less money if you bet on the favorite. So if you want to win and collect a big payout, then you should put your money on the ‘underdog’.

In online betting, if a selection has a plus (+) sign, it means that it’s the underdog. And if it comes with a minus (-) sign, the team is considered the favorite. This type of bet works for most legal sports betting and events like tennis, basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

sports betting

Total and Over/Under

Again, these two bets can be used interchangeably. If you are new to the business, then we recommend that you choose this approach in predicting the outcome of the game or match. Under this live betting arrangement, the sportsbook will identify a ‘total’ for a match. For example, there’s a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. The website will identify a ‘total’ for the outcome of the game, say 198 points. This simply refers to the combined scores of both teams. If you think that the combined scores after the game will not exceed this number, you bet ‘under’. Put your money on the ‘over’ if you think that the team will exceed the set totals.

Point Spread or Handicap Sports Betting

This is a popular type of bet that’s used in the United States. In other regions, this is referred to as handicap betting. This is used to even the playing field between the participating teams. The better team or the favorite is represented by the minus (-) sign and the poor-performing team gets a plus (+) sign. The player wins if this team wins the game outright or loses by a number smaller than the point spread. Say, for example, a site announces the game between Team A (+1.5) and Team B (-1.5).

By looking at this line, Team B is the favorite to win by 1.5 points. This team needs to win by at least 2 points to cover the spread. Team A, on the other hand, needs to win or lose by less than 2 points to cover the spread. If it results in a time, it’s called a push. The point spread sports betting arrangement is often used in basketball and football.

Futures and Outright Bets

When you sign up for a live betting account, you can also play the futures or outright bets. Again, these two terms operate the same way and both offer the chance to select the winner of a competition, tournament, or league. In short, you are making a pick for the long run which you think will end up the winner. For example, you may put your money on the winner of the NBA Finals or who will collect the trophy the Wimbledon 2020 for both Ladies and the Gentlemen.

Since you are predicting the winner in advance, this arrangement can be a challenge for beginners. To make this live betting arrangement work for you, you must have a clear understanding of the sports, the teams, and relevant statistics. But if you can manage all statistics and information and end up right, these types of bets can offer you massive payouts.

Proposition Bets

If you’re looking for a more challenging use of your bankroll or deposit bonus from the sportsbook, then consider placing proposition bets. As the term suggests, you are betting on highly specific outcomes or events during the match. For example, you can bet on who can score the first point in the game or who will make the first ace in a tennis match. These are just basic examples of prop bets. We highly recommend that you visit your preferred bookmaker before approving prop bets.

These are just some of the most common betting types you can play in sports betting Philippines site. As a beginner, we suggest that you start with these bets and play in a legal bookmaker. Don’t forget to explore the deposit bonus or free bets and the friendly odds offered by the websites. Once you are confident with the basics, then that’s the time you can move to advanced or complex betting types like teasers, parlays, and accumulators. On many websites, you can also play system bets. All these are often reserved for the established bettors who have a clear grasp of the statistics and betting tools.


⚖️ Is online sports betting legal in the Philippines?

Yes. Filipino punters can place bets on sporting events with any foreign bookmaker. 22bet is a great place to start if you are new to sports betting and you will also get a nice welcome bonus.

⚽ Which is the easiest sport in the world to bet on and win?

The answer to this question is football. That is because football is the most popular sport in the world. There is tons of information you can find and make your bets based on relevant news.

💰 Can you make a living from betting on sports?

Yes. You can make a living from sports betting. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. It involves a lot of research if you want to make the right bets.