If you want to place a bet on the National Football League (NFL), then one of the first things that you should know is the mechanics for NFL odds. Aside from the choice of betting platforms or the amount of bets you want to make, the betting odds are equally important. The sports betting odds are critical information because these will tell you about the probability of an event or an outcome happening. And in the context of football betting, it will also provide you information about your potential winnings.

Best Sites for NFL Betting in the Philippines 2024

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For beginners, NFL betting and NFL odds can be highly technical and confusing. But by reading this short guide on betting odds and football betting, you can get a better appreciation of the process. More importantly, your knowledge can even help you make informed bets and collect massive wins.

NFL Odds and Probability

NFL oddsFootball betting is all about predicting the outcome of a game. At the core of this activity is the concept of probability or the chance that something will happen. In betting, you are putting a wager on an event that will happen and you win the corresponding bet.

A simple illustration of probability is the use of dice. In the rolling of a dice, there are six possible outcomes. If you think that ‘one’ will land, you have a 1 in 6 chance of making the prediction or 16.67 percent chance. The same is true when it comes to NFL odds and betting; the intention is to predict an outcome that a gaming outcome will happen.

Now, the type of odds that you will encounter online will depend on your region or the online betting platform. For example, sports betting sites based in the United Kingdom will represent your NFL odds in fraction, say 1/6. In other betting platforms serving players from the United States or the Philippines, the NFL odds are represented in decimal.

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Rely on Betting Odds to Check the Probability of NFL Matches

A popular representation of sports betting odds is the use of fractions, say 1/4. In the sports betting business like the National Football League, we call this as fractional odds. From these fractional odds, you can actually calculate the probability of winning using a basic formula: Percent of winning= B/ (A+B), assuming that 1/4 is represented as A/B.

Now if you will follow Super Bowl 2020, and your team has a 9/1 betting odds, then it means that it has a 10% chance that it will happen. This is based on the formula:  1 / (9 + 1) = 0.10. But if your team is declared as the 1/4 favorite to win the match, then it has an 80% chance of happening. The NFL odds can also help in predicting the amount of winnings that you can collect. In sports betting, for every value of B that you bet, you win A including the original wager. Going back to the example of a fractional odds of 9/1. For every $1.00 wager made, you get $9.

In other sports betting platforms that cover the American Football teams, the NFL odds are represented in decimals. For many, this arrangement of the odds is easier to understand. To compute for your winnings, simply multiply the odds by the stake made less the stake made.

Say for example in Super Bowl 2019, the odds of the team making it is 9.0. If you make a bet of $10, it means that you can collect a win worth $80. With NFL odds of 1.25, it means that your take-home winnings will be $2.50. In short, learning more about the NFL odds and computing for it can help you predict the probability of the outcomes and the potential winnings.

Other websites that cover football betting offers a simplified way of tracking odds and winnings. In these platforms, you can find a ‘Bet Calculator’ which can help calculate your winnings. If you prefer an easy of tracking Super Bowl 2020 or the performances of American Football players, we highly recommend that you choose sportsbooks that offer these friendly tools.

Major NFL Events Where Odds Are Applicable

You need the NFL odds to bet on NFL games and match-ups. And in this league, you have access to different events. The biggest event on the NFL calendar is the Super Bowl, considered the entertainment centerpiece of the league. During the Super Bowl, you can expect hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts and fans attending the match-up.

Aside from the game, the fans are also on it for the half-time show. This was evident during Super Bowl 2018 and Super Bowl 53 were attendance was crazy. And since this is the biggest show, the best NFL odds are readily available online. During this time, you can bet on almost any outcome. In football betting, the most popular are the Money Line, the Point Spread, the Over/Under or even predicting who will end up as the MVP.

Aside from the Super Bowl, your NFL odds are also helpful during the regular season. The regular season of the NFL runs from early September to early January. During the regular games, there are 32 games competing, with each time playing a total of 16 games for the next 17 weeks. After the completion of the regular season, 12 teams move to the playoffs. During the playoffs, fans and bettors’ interest increases and betting sites are now busy producing the best NFL odds.

Also, bettors can participate in the Pro Bowl which is also known as the All-Star Game in NFL. Since this is not competitive compared to the Super Bowl, the odds are not taken seriously and most of the betting types are for fun.

Where Can You Get Information on NFL Betting Odds and Other Helpful Resources

Access to information is critical if you are looking to boost your chances in sports betting. If you are looking to improve your performance during the NFL betting season, then it’s important that you have access to leading NFL betting sites. You will find several websites that offer comparative charts of the current NFL odds for different casinos and betting platforms. You can use the information on these websites to choose a betting platform that can offer you the best NFL odds or payouts.

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Cable channels like Fox News, CNN, and ESPN also offer NFL odds on a weekly basis. You can use the information here to track analysts’ sentiments and make informed bets when you visit your preferred sportsbook or betting platform. The great thing about these websites is that they also provide analysis, news, and opinion pieces regarding football events and activities which can influence odds and performances. For example, you can read more about player movements, injuries, and training. Seasoned bettors used these websites to read about predictions on Super Bowl 53, the 2018 draft, and even the 2019 draft.

In short, you can find dozens if not hundreds of websites and platforms out there that can provide you the NFL odds, news, and information about football betting. The challenge now is choosing the right site where you can bet using the best NFL odds. If you want access to the best odds or you want help in choosing the best betting platform, consider using our website. We cover the NFL betting industry and we offer complete reviews of the top sports betting sites available for bettors.


🏈 Can I bet online on NFL games?

Yes. You just have to make an account at a reputable online gambling operator that accepts players from the Philippines, make a deposit and you are good to go.

⚖️ Is it legal to bet online in the Philippines?

Yes. You can place bets with licensed offshore bookmakers.

💰 Can you make a living from betting on NFL games?

Yes. You can make a living from betting on NFL games, however, you have to make a lot of research so you know what bets to make.