Of the different types of online casino games that can be played online, the game of roulette particularly the European version occupies a soft spot in the heart of the players. Compared to other popular casino games, European Roulette offers a lower house advantage, easy rules to follow, and does not require players to master advanced and complicated strategies. It also helps that European Roulette is widely available online and are available in different betting limits that can suit the needs of a diverse set of players. And thanks to innovation in gaming, this casino game is now available in a live dealer format that makes it appealing to enthusiasts and players who want a more authentic casino experience.

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All these reasons help boost the popularity of European Roulette and it’s the main reason why top online casinos carry this game in free demo and real money versions. If you are new to the game or simply wants to improve your knowledge, read on and understand its rules and gameplay.

The Roulette Table and the Basic Rules to Remember

european roulette

Whether you want to play European Roulette in the free demo or real money mode, you need to understand the design and the layout of the table. There are two components in the conduct of the game- the European Roulette wheel and the roulette online table. The table is often found on the right side of the wheel and this is where the wagers are made. The European and the American versions of the game are similar in many respects and they only differ in the number of pockets or slots in the table. If you are playing the European version, you will find 37 pockets which includes the numbers from 1 to 36 and an extra pocket for ‘0’. In the European Roulette table, the numbers from 1 to 36 are displayed in an alternate arrangement, in black and red while the single ‘0’ comes with a green color.

The table in European Roulette displays not just the numbers from 1 to 36 but also the betting categories that you can consider when playing for real money. If you take a look at the table, you will find a cluster of numbers from 1 to 18 (called the Lows), 9 to 36 (the Highs), black, red, odd, and even. This will allow the players to bet on a range of numbers instead of betting on individual slots or numbers on the table.

The main objective in European Roulette is to predict where the roulette ball will land after is completes its spin in the wheel. To make your bet, you must place your wager on a specific slot or number and after the submission of the wagers, the casino dealer will then spin the wheel in one direction with the ball spinning on the other direction. When the ball slows down and stops in one slot, a winner will be declared by the dealer.

What are the Types of Bets to Make in European Roulette?

Once you decide to play the real money version of European Roulette, you will need to understand and master the different types of bets that can be made. Here, you can make a single bet or a combination of a number of bets. Once the bets have been cleared, the casino dealer will then spin the wheel. No bets can be placed on the table if the casino dealer has already announced that ‘no more bets’ should be made on the game. There are two general types of bets that you can consider in European Roulette: the Inside Bets and Outside Bets.

Inside Bets

These are the types of bets that are located inside the table layout. Examples of these types of bets are the Straight, Split, Street, Corner, Five Line, and the Line. When you are making a straight bet, you are betting on a single number to come out. A Split is a bet on a row of three numbers while a Corner bet in European Roulette will refer to a bet on four numbers that form a square. Of these types of bets, the Street offers the best payout at 35:1 with a winning odds of 2.70%.

Outside Bets

These are the types of European Roulette bets that are can be found outside of the table layout. Examples of these bets that you can make when playing are Column, Dozen, Bet on High/Low, Bet on Color (Red or Black), Odd, or Even. When it comes to the bets on High, you are betting that the outcomes are in the range of 19 to 36 and a Low means that your money is on the range of 1 to 18. Among these outside bets, the odd or even and the bet on color are the most common and easy to understand in European Roulette.

How to Choose the Bet to Play in a European Roulette Game?

As part of your efforts to learn how to play European Roulette, you need to create your own strategy or style in choosing which bets to play. If you are new to this game, then a simple process may be used in deciding which bets to play in the real money mode of the game. For example, the choice of numbers or bets to play will be based on your lucky numbers. You can also pick the bets based on the special days and occasions in your life, like a birthday or wedding anniversary. All of these strategies can work when you are playing since the outcomes in the game of European Roulette are all at random. After all, it’s the main intent when you are playing any type of casino game- to play and have fun.

For the more experienced players in the business, the choice of bets to play in European Roulette will depend on a more experienced strategy or elaborate plan. In short, you can find a number of approaches and strategies that can help you in choosing and placing the bets. If you are not sure what strategy or approach to use, you can always test a few approaches before using it in real money games. Another option is to play European Roulette Philippines game for free before attempting to risk your bankroll.

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