If you want to be successful in this popular table game, you need to rely on a mix of skills, knowledge of blackjack rules, and luck.As a classic casino game, blackjack is both an exciting and challenging game to play. Just like the game of poker, winning in this table game requires more than just luck. Also known as ‘twenty-one’, this main object of this game is to come up with a hand with a value that can beat the dealers without exceeding 21. Under the general blackjack rules, a hand that exceeds 21 will go bust which means a loss for the player.

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blackjack rulesAs an exciting casino game, blackjack is also available in different types, and each variant that you will discover in an online Philippines casino will have its own set of blackjack rules and conditions. Some of the popular variants of the game that you may encounter are Spanish 21, Pontoon, Progressive Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, and a host of blackjack versions designed by top software vendor suppliers in the market.

The game may be presented in different variants with unique rules but all of these games share general blackjack rules. As a player who wants to take advantage of the game, it’s best to be aware of the classic blackjack rules that govern the game. If you have are aware of the basic blackjack rules, it will be easier for you to understand and master the specialized rules that accompany the other blackjack variants.

What You Should Know Before the Round Starts:

Just like other card games, the challenge for the players is understanding how individual cards are counted and valued. Make sure that you understand the blackjack card values and how these are appreciated in blackjack rules. Individual cards from the deck are assigned specific values, with the card from 2 to 10 assuming their face values. Your face cards like Queens, Jacks, and Kings are valued at 10.

When it comes to your Aces, these cards may assume a value of 11 or 1 depending on certain situations that may benefit the player. Based on the blackjack rules, a player’s hand that include an Ace with a value of 11 is referred to as a ‘soft hand’, which means that collecting an Ace and 7 will be acknowledged as a ‘soft 18’. But if the Ace is counted as 1 in the game, the blackjack rules will label this as a ‘hard hand’.

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Starting the Game

To start a real money game, players need to submit first their bets. In an online gaming environment, this involves clicking the appropriate colored tokens or chips. Once all participants in blackjack 21 have submitted their bets, then that’s the time the dealer will distribute the cards.

As part of blackjack rules, each player will get two cards that are presented face-up. The casino dealer will also get two cards, with one card presented face up. In other specialized blackjack rules, the second card retained with the dealer is placed face down. If the first two cards that you have collected are scored at 21, then you instantly win the game with a ‘blackjack’. Now, if the casino dealer also gets the same valuable hand, this game ends in a push or tie.

How Cards Are Played?

Once you hit a ‘21’ with the first two cards, you are assured of at least a tie in this game. However, if the first two cards do not amount to the magic number, the blackjack rules recommend that you assess first the cards and make one of the following moves on the blackjack table:

  • Hit. You make a hit on the blackjack table if you decide to get another card. You can get another card until you made that decision to stand or bust.
  • If you are already confident with the cards in your hands, then you ‘stand’. This also means that you are ready to play with your cards.
  • Double Down. Based on the blackjack rules, this move is reserved for the player who wants to go bold. In this decision, you double your wager, collect another card, and stand.
  • Under blackjack rules, a split is possible if there are two cards with similar value, like two 7s. During the split, each hand will assume the original bet thus effectively doubling your bet on the table.
  • If you think that you will probably lose the hand, then a surrender s in order.
  • Insurance. If the up-card of the casino dealer is an Ace, the blackjack rules will allow you to make an insurance.

Blackjack Strategies and Tips that Can Be Used When Playing Online

Online blackjack is one of those games that require some skills and strategies to win in a game. And the good news is that there are a number of strategies and approaches that you can use, each with its own set of qualities and advantages. If you want to play with a blackjack strategy, make sure you test a few approaches so you can arrive at a playing style that will work for your budget. If you don’t pay attention to the right set of strategies, you will end up losing more than winning in blackjack.

How to play blackjack and actually win it involves an appreciation of the ‘perfect strategy’. This strategy for blackjack is actually based on the laws of probability and logic. You can even find a popular table online that specifically tells you what course of action to take when playing blackjack. How to play like a winner eventually depends on how committed you are in following the recommended steps in the table. If possible, memorize the recommendations included in the blackjack table.

You can also create a ‘cheat sheet’ which blackjack rules which you can use as a guide when playing in real money mode. The use of the chart or cheat sheet may not automatically make you a winner but it will guide you and allow you to make informed decisions.

Another option that you can take is by learning more about card counting. This strategy is recommended for the players who have a firm grasp of the basic blackjack rules. In card counting, you will assign a label of +1 to 2 to 6 ranked cards and -1 for the cards from 10s to Aces in blackjack. How to play if you are following this strategy? Well, you need to keep a running tally of the total every round.

If your count is positive, the deck boasts large cards, thus you may want to step up your bets. If negative, you want to slow down on the bets that you make on the table. This card counting blackjack strategy is often used by experienced players and those who can easily concentrate on demanding situations.

Yes, there are a number of tested strategies that you can choose when playing this popular game. And some of these strategies have been tested by experienced players and now available online. You will even find cheat sheets or tables that tell you the recommended action to take when you are holding the specific cards.

Although these worked for others, it does not automatically mean that you will win every time when you use these. When it comes to mastering the game, the basics still remain true. If you want to enjoy and win, always pay attention to the basic blackjack rules. Finally, stick with your bankroll when playing. Money management and understanding of the blackjack rules are your tools in truly mastering this popular game.

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🃏 Can you count cards in online blackjack?

No. That is not possible because online casino games are using RNG (random number generator) to determine which card will appear next and after every game the cards are shuffled.

♠️ What is the house edge in online blackjack?

The house edge in blackjack online is close to 1%. This is the lowest house edge casino game.

♣️ Is it difficult to learn to play blackjack?

No. Blackjack online is an easy to learn casino game with a small number of rules.