When it comes to live casino games’ popularity, the live roulette games and live blackjack are on top of the list. These two table games are two of the most-played and advertised casino games in the industry right now. And there are a number of reasons that can explain the surge in popularity of roulette.

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One, it comes with very basic gameplay and rules that all types of players, beginners included, can relate to. In this table game, you don’t need to master advanced strategies or skills just to win big. Two, it’s all about the best odds that this type of roulette offers. If you just stick on betting on ‘Blacks’ or ‘Reds’, you end up with a 50-percent chance of ending the round as a winner. Finally, this game is all about variety. Boredom is never an issue since it’s available in different variants and presented in different forms. With the diversity in forms and variants like live roulette, you will not get bored playing it and aiming for the best jackpots online.

If you are new to roulette or simply looking for excitement and variety, then we highly recommend that you check out live roulette. This is still the same game with the same set of rules and wagers that you can play. The only difference here is that the action happens online in front of an attractive dealer, in real time. It’s like coming face-to-face with an attractive dealer to place your bet in a dedicated roulette table, with multiple cameras and live streaming as the tools to connect and link you in real time.

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How Live Roulette Works?

Live roulette is the same as regular roulette with similar rules. The only change that you will notice is how it is played and your degree of participation. In ordinary online roulette games, you will be presented with games that are automated and run by a Random Number Generator (RNG). You will place choose your bet (casino chip) and place it on the appropriate section on the table. Once you have confirmed your bet, simply click ‘Spin’ to spin the ball in the wheel. Once the spinning of the wheel has been completed, the system will then announce the winning number and will inform you if you have won your wager.

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Expect a different environment and gameplay with this type of roulette. If you sign up with a casino that offers a live dealer roulette, you will enter a game that’s facilitated by a human dealer. To play, you will assume a seat in a roulette table and you will interact with the human dealer.

Just like in a traditional casino, the dealer takes control of the live-action, from the announcement of the rules, the setting of wager, the spinning of the wheel, and the announcement of the winner. All these actions happen while you are at your home using your desktop or mobile phone and the casino dealer is positioned in a remote casino studio. You can view each other through your preferred devices and the connection are made possible by devices, multiple cameras, and the internet in real-time.

Here you also have the option to use the Live Chat feature of the casino. Here, you can talk directly to the casino dealer or you can also start a chat with the other players in the same casino room.

Know the Roulette Table and the Different Types of Bets You Can Make

As mentioned, the table layout and the general rules will remain the same. Even the types of wagers that you can make in these games are the same.

In the traditional live roulette tables, you will find 38 numbers that are arranged in a specific order. If you scan the roulette table, you will find numbers from 1 to 36 and a 0. In other variants of the game, you can also find 00s on the wheel. Keep in mind that the numbers on the wheel are not arranged in order. Rather, these numbers are positioned in an alternate manner.

The roulette wheel will be spun in one direction, and the ball will be rolled in another direction. It is the dealer who will put the wheel in motion. After a few seconds, the wheel will start to slow down, and the ball will settle in one of the slots. If the ball lands in the slot that you have predicted, then you are declared the winner.

Speaking of bets, there are two general types that you can play. When participating in the real money version, you can make ‘Inside Bets’ and ‘Outside’ Bets. The wagers that are placed inside the table’s betting grid are called the ‘Inside Bets’ and these normally include bets on a single number or a group of numbers. The ones that are placed outside are called ‘Outside Bets’ and involves bet on a bigger group of numbers, like 12 or 18 numbers.

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The other types of wagers that you can make are the corner bet (wager on four numbers), street bet (wager on three numbers in a row), split bet (wager on two numbers), and line bet (placed on six numbers. You can also encounter special bets depending on the type of games that you play.

How to Play Online Live Roulette

Just like other live dealer games, playing live roulette requires a steady internet connection, your preferred device, and an understanding of the rules. To play in a live casino, simply follow the general steps below:

  1. Choose your preferred online casino and sign-up for an account.
  2. Once registered, log in and click on the ‘Live Casino’ or a similarly-named section.
  3. Choose a specific variant to play. You will find different variants of the game depending on the software vendor and they are also categorized according to the betting limits.
  4. Wait for the instruction of the roulette live dealer and place your bet.
  5. Once it has ended, the dealer will announce where the ball has landed and will declare if you are the winner.

In this type of roulette, you also have the option to chat with other players or send your concerns or complaints to the dealer in real-time.

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Are You Ready to Play?

With live roulette, you have the chance to enjoy a challenging and authentic gaming experience without leaving your home or office. Thanks to new technologies and the power of streaming, you can play with a dealer face-to-face in a dedicated roulette table. For the best experience, we highly recommend that you play in the game in one of our recommended online casinos. For example, you can play for real money in 888 Casino or 777 Casino . These two casinos are powered by 888 Holdings Plc, one of the most established companies in the industry. Aside from these two established casinos, we also list a number of fully licensed online casinos that accept players from the Philippines. If you are ready to play, make sure to check our website first for helpful resources, from game guides to online casino reviews!