Whether you are playing for fun or for real money, online roulette is still one of the most rewarding and enjoyable table games to consider online. Adding to the appeal of American Roulette is the simplicity of rules, availability of different variants, and the ability to play the game across devices. To play, you need to predict the outcome of the spinning of the roulette ball.

Best Casinos to Play American Roulette for 2024

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This game does not require complex strategies or approaches, thus making this a great game to play by beginners. Also, the game of American Roulette is available on different platforms and variants, and you can even find live dealer versions of the game.

Play American Roulette Today: Rules and Tips to Follow

american rouletteOnline roulette is now considered one of the most popular draws in online casinos that cater to players from the Philippines. This game is available in different variants, with the European and American Roulette games as the most popular among players and enthusiasts. Both variants are known for their easy gameplay and rules, and they are playable across devices.

You can even play these games in free demo or in real money mode. However, before signing up with an online casino, it is recommended that you know the basic gameplay rules applicable for each variant. It is also highly recommended that you choose your casino carefully as it can define your gaming experience. When you need information on the rules, bets, and other tips, you can always count on our website. Read on and find out the basic rules and tips you should remember when playing American Roulette.

The American Roulette Wheel

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To play this game with confidence, it’s important that you understand the rules particularly the layout of the American Roulette wheel. This type of roulette online has 38 numbers inclusive of the single zero and double zero pockets. They are positioned opposite of the other. The roulette wheel of American Roulette has 38 pockets which are exactly of the same size. This means that all the numbers in the wheel have equal chances to be hit on every given spin. In the same wheel, the single and double zeroes are represented in green color. The remaining numbers from 1 to 36 are evenly split between black and red.

Difference between American Roulette and European Roulette

The American Roulette wheel differs with the European Roulette wheel as it comes with single and double zeros. Another difference between the two games is the gaming odds. The chance of winning in European Roulette is a bit higher than that of American Roulette. However, In terms of house edge, there is big difference between the two roulette variants. European Roulette has single zero considered as the extra pocket, setting a house edge of 2.70%.

This house edge is relatively small compared to the American Roulette version. Since American Roulette has double zero, house edge is also doubled to 5.26%. Though it comes with a higher house edge, American Roulette is still an enjoyable and exciting game that should not be missed.

How to Place Your Bets on American Roulette 

Both the European and the American Roulette versions consist of a betting grid with numbers arranged in columns and rows. American Roulette and European Roulette allow two or more betting types such as the inside bets and the outside bets. As the name implies, inside bets are those placed within the playing grid.

To make the inside bets, you are expected to bet on a single number, from 1 to 6. In American Roulette, this type of bet is the most popular as it gives players more opportunities to win. The other types of inside bets that you can make in this game are single bet, split bet, and street bet. Players can also try corner bet, six-line bet, and the top-line bet.

Outside bets, on the other hand, offer lower chances of winning compared to the inside roulette betting. This involves placing bets on a larger group of numbers. Outside betting can be done in a form of Column Bets and Dozen Bets. These bets in American Roulette can also be played by betting on an Odd or Even outcome, or a Red or Black outcome.  American Roulette also allows 1-18/19-36 bets.

In this type of bet, it covers all numbers in the range the player has selected. If a number from the selected range is hit, the player will win the bet. Casino operators in the Philippines also facilitate the Call bets and the Neighbor bets. Keep in mind that when playing the game, your odds of winning may vary depending on the type of bet made.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Playing the Game

If you want to get the most out of the game, consider the published odds for each bet. As a matter of practice, you should conduct a research about the betting odds before playing in real money mode. If you choose to play using Even Money Bet in the American Roulette, you get 46.37% odds of winning the bet. This is relatively lower compared to the European Roulette which offers 48.6% odds of winning for the same bet.

When playing the game, you should consider your Corner Bet. In American Roulette, the odds is pegged at 10.53% which is ‘low’ compared to an Even Money Bet. If you want to be sure when playing the game, then you should know how to read the odds associated with each bet.

Play American Roulette with Trusted Casino in the Philippines

If you are new to the game, you can check out first the free demo versions available online. These free demo versions of roulette allow you to explore the games and test a few strategies without risking your bankroll. And if you are playing for real money, then it pays to check out as well the roulette guides on how to choose the trusted casino sites.

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Our site features online guides and resources to help you find the most trustworthy American Roulette Philippines casino operators. Visit and browse our site if you are interested to learn more about the game. And if you want help in selecting the best casino and roulette bonuses, our online guides and tips can also help you.


🎁 Can you get a casino bonus when playing roulette?

Yes, most of the casinos offer various bonuses. You can take advantage of them when you start wagering higher.

🃏 What is the return to the player (RTP) in the American roulette?

The RTP in American roulette is 94.74%.

🎰 Why people still choose to play American roulette when its house edge is higher than the one of the European roulette?

People choose to play American roulette because of the second zero on the wheel. Thus allowing you to place a unique five-number bet.