When it comes to sports bets, American Football is considered one of the biggest draws online. It may not generate billions of views during the World Cup or frenzied excitement in different parts of the world, but it surely delivers exciting action every game.

Best Sites for NFL Betting in the Philippines 2024

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The excitement heats up when the post-season of the National Football League (NFL) with the all-star game and culminating with the Super Bowl. And when the regular season unfolds and the action heats up, expect the interest on sports betting to grow as well. Betting on NFL games is a popular activity in the United States particularly in the state of Nevada where gambling is heavily promoted.

Based on the revenue data collated from the Nevada sportsbooks, NFL betting accounts for a significant portion of the wagering revenues. Its share of the revenues increases when one takes into account the whole North American market thanks to the popularity in Canada. And with likable players like Tom Brady, Deion Sanders, Colin Kaepernick,  and Dan Marino dominating the conversations in the last few years, it’s no wonder why NFL and American Football, in general, is popular.

Teams and Conferences to Watch

nflThe NFL is composed of 32 clubs with 16 teams on both conferences. Each conference comes with four divisions with four clubs each. Just like in the National Basketball Association (NBA), the teams are based in the contiguous United States reflecting the name of a city. During the regular season, a team is allowed to maintain 53 players, and 46 of them can actively play during the scheduled games. Under the NFL rules, the team may also maintain a 10-player practice squad. A player can join this squad for a maximum of three years.

To participate in the NFL, the American Football teams should get an approved franchise. It will serve as an authorization for the teams to participate in the games. As a member of the NFL with a franchise, a team can host professional games including Monday night football in its home territory. Also, this franchise agreement allows the American Football teams to advertise, promote, and host events within the designated Home Marketing Area. However, there are some grey areas in the implementation of the advertising initiatives particularly among teams that are near each other.

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With 32 clubs participating in the regular and post-seasons, fans and enthusiasts can follow their teams in style. But among these 32 teams, there are those teams that are considered the most popular and the ones with a passionate base of fans. Based on rankings made by a marketing professor, the Dallas Cowboys, Patriots, Eagles, Giants, and Steelers are considered the most popular and marketable.

According to Emory professor Michael Lewis, these are the teams with the most passionate fan base. Using his model, its fans and the fan base, in general, are willing to spend and follow their teams even when losing. These American Football teams are known to generate huge buzz during the season and boast high engagement in social media. Landing in the middle of the list are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Minnesota Vikings. When it comes to the overall value of the franchise, the Dallas Cowboys is considered the most valuable franchise. In the recent survey made by Forbes, it valued the franchise at $4 billion.

How the NFL Schedule Works

The NFL season comes with a four-week preseason, a seven-week regular season, a twelve-team single-elimination playoff that ends in the Super Bowl. This is considered as the biggest game and spectacle of the league that attracts thousands of attendees and millions of viewers around the world. The Super Bowl is a sporting entertainment in itself and it’s not just known as a championship match.

In the history of the NFL, the Super Bowl is also an entertainment centerpiece and one event that attracts huge advertising and commercial activities. For example, during the Super Bowl 2019 and Super Bowl 2018, players and attendees were treated to the performance of Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake respectively. And for Super Bowl 2020, it has been announced that Jennifer Lopez will team up with Shakira for another memorable halftime show.

But before the action, glitz, and glamour of the post-season, American Football teams must complete first the games during the regular season. Based on the current set-up, the thirteen opponents that each team will face over the 16-game season schedule are identified using a formula. The NFL runs a seventeen-week 256-game regular season. By practice, the season starts during the first Monday of September and often ends a week after Christmas.

The opening game is often hosted in the city of the defending champion. The games are often covered by top sports channels and cable networks like ESPN. ESPN, for example, maintains its Monday Night Football which covers live games of the NFL. Monday Night Football is also broadcast in Canada and several European countries which add to the popularity of the sport.

The NFL action does not just happen during the regular season or the Super Bowl weekend. Fans, analysts, and sports bettors are also fully engaged during the off-season of the league. The off-season refers to the time after the last game has been played and before the start of the regular season. This is also an important time for players, fans, analysts, and sports bettors. If you are looking to beef up your betting knowledge, then you should follow the action during this period.

So what exactly happens to the teams and the league during the off-season?

Well, this is the time when the NFL teams undergo training in preparation for the next season. Teams like the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers try to rebuild their team and become more competitive in the game. Also, this is the time when medical interventions are given to players so that they are ready for the next season. For others, this is a time for rest and vacation. Some NFL players attend to their other commitments like Colin Kaepernick and Deion Sanders who are busy with commercial commitments.

Furthermore, this is the time when player movements happen. This culminates with the draft, with the 2018 draft and 2019 draft as exciting times for the fans. In the NFL draft, teams try to make a play for certain players to boost their line-up. Finally, the off-season is best seen by many as a break from work and to spend time with their families. American Football teams provide their players ample time for recreational activities and the Super Bowl champions are given special perks.

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How Sports Betting Will Change NFL

There was a time when NFL games were just about the competition among teams and their quest to win the Super Bowl. With the relaxing laws on sports betting in the United States, betting on NFL will make an impact on the league. This year, with the celebration of the league’s centennial, fans can now enjoy betting on the games and this is legal in many states. However, the integration of sports betting in the NFL will be slow and not revolutionary.

According to experts, the league is already popular in itself and it does not need sports betting to build its brand. This is primarily driven by the fact that cable TV channels have outstanding contracts and agreements that prevent anchors from explicitly mentioning or advertising sports betting. So if you are watching Sunday Night Football, you will not hear the anchor saying things about sports betting or the definition of the point spread. Also, sources within the industry say that fans and viewers will not be bombarded with ads and reminders about sports betting.

But this does not mean that NFL fans will not enjoy betting. Certain states are making their moves to make NFL betting more mainstream. The efforts to open and allow sports betting on NFL are more pronounced in states like New Jersey where the laws are more accommodating. In New Jersey, mobile betting is allowed, and more than 80 percent of betting (NFL) included is completed using mobile apps.

If you are residing in a state or region where sports betting is legal, then you can fully enjoy the perks of NFL games. The great thing about betting on the league is its popularity. Since it’s popular, you will find dozens of top online casinos and sports betting websites that allow bets on outcomes. Speaking of bets, you can check the Point Spread and the Money Line.

If you are new to the league and want to take part in sports betting, then you can’t go wrong with the Money Line. In this type of bet, you simply predict the outcome of the game between two teams. For example, there’s a matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Minnesota Vikings. In the Money line, you will put your money on the team that you expect to win.

And since American Football and NFL are popular, you can easily find the resources and information that you need. If you are after the player movements, 2019 draft, team training, and other player swaps, then top websites like ESPN and CNN Sports can provide you the news and information that you need in real-time. But if betting rocks your boat, then you can also find sports betting sites and casinos that can help in your quest to enjoy sports betting.


⚖️ Can I legally bet on the NFL?

Yes. You can legally bet on the NFL. All licensed bookmakers accept bets on the NFL.

🏈 What is the best site to bet on the NFL?

The best site for Filipino punters is 1xBet. They offer a massive welcome bonus and you can make all types of bets related to the NFL.

💰 What is the money line bet?

The money line bet is the easiest kind of bet you can make at a booker. It means betting on a team to win a game.