Blackjack Online Basic Rules

Blackjack Online Basic Rules You Should Not Forget


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Blackjack online is arguably one of the most popular casino games out there. Compared to other casino games, blackjack does not require a complicated set of strategies or complex rules to memorize. To win, you need to form a hand value that beats the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21. Also, 21 blackjack is popular among players and enthusiasts because it delivers better odds. In many casinos, blackjack offers a house edge of just 1 percent, giving you more opportunities to end the night as the winner. And because it’s played online, you don’t need to worry about the crowds or playing against hooded and poker-faced champions. All these reasons contribute to the popularity of blackjack, and the reasons too why almost all online casinos in the Philippines carry this game on its portfolio.

Although its a popular game with basic rules, keep in mind that blackjack rules often change depending on the variant you play. We highly recommend that you first check the blackjack variant you are playing before attempting to play for real money. Here’s a quick look at the basic rules that are used in playing the different variants of the game.

The Basic Rules and How Its Played

In most blackjack tables, the dealers uses a 52-card pack. However, some online casinos in the Philippines use a number of decks of cards which are shuffled together. The main idea in online blackjack is to come up with the best hand that will beat the dealer provided you don’t go beyond ‘21’. To make this happen, you should be aware of the different values assigned to each card. In blackjack, face cards or the Kings to Jacks are worth ‘10’, and Ace gets a value of 11 or 1. The remaining cards in the deck will assume their face value.

Once the bets have been placed, the blackjack dealer will proceed to the distribution of cards. In brick-and-mortar casino, the dealer will assign one card face up to you and another card to himself. Another set of cards is then assigned, with the second card of the dealer presented face down. When playing online, the system will automatically deal the cards using the same card arrangement. The quickest way to win in black jack is to get a natural hand- a 10 and an Ace. It’s a blackjack and you are assured of winning the pot provided that the dealer does not have the same card combo.

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Choose One from the Following Blackjack Decisions

If you don’t have a blackjack, then you will need to come up with a decision based on the value that you have formed

  • You are going this route if you want to get another card. You can opt for this decision until you have decide that you will stand or bust.
  • If you think you no longer need an extra card, then you are standing in blackjack.
  • If you have collected cards of the same value, say both 6s, then you have the option to create two hands. The bet for the second hand is similar to what you have originally played. In short, to split is simply to double your bet in the game of blackjack.
  • Double Down. To double down means you will double your wager and you get an additional card and you decide to stand.
  • Surrender. If you think that you are losing the round, then you can opt for this decision where you surrender 50% of your bet.
  • Insurance. This is an option for you if the up card of the casino dealer is an Ace.

Different Variants of Blackjack

Just like other card games, blackjack is also available in different variants. As such, rules and payouts may vary slightly. Before you play for real money, it is also important that you know the popular variants of blackjack and discover the slight differences in rules.

Classic Blackjack

This is the most popular blackjack game and one that you will find in most Philippine online casinos. The main objective remains the same but it varies in terms of how the dealer hits and the number of deck of cards used. In this game, the dealer uses 2 to 4 decks of cards and the dealer hits on a soft 17. Also, in this black jack variant doubling is allowed and you can do up to 2 re-splits.

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European Blackjack

This version of the game uses two decks of cards and the casino dealer is expected to stand on a soft 17. Its main difference with other blackjack variants is that this will not allow the casino dealer to check for a black jack. Here, you will only double down if your hand total is 9, 10, or 11. Also, this variant allows you to split but no re-splitting is allowed during the game.

Match Play 21

This blackjack variant is slightly different from other kinds of games since all 10s are taken out of pay and other hands may receive special payouts. In this game, you are still allowed to double and split, and the casino dealer can also hit on a soft 17.


Dubbed ‘Spanish 21’, this blackjack game features the dealer’s cards face down. Yes, this will not give you much insight about the potential hand value of the dealer but it this game may offer better payouts. Specifically, this game will allow you to stand with a hand value of at least 15 and the dealer can hit on a soft 17 and win the round in case of a tie.

Face up 21

This is blackjack version, the cards assigned to the dealer are presented face up. This arrangement will give you the information you need and should help you decide which move to take. This game also allows you to double down after splitting and the doubling is only allowed by the casino if your total ranges from 9 to 11.

Where to Play Blackjack Online?

There are a number of reasons why black jack is the most popular and widely played casino game today. Compared to other card games, blackjack is easy to play and comes with better odds favoring the player. In case you have limited knowledge about its game play, rules, and payouts, you can also find resources about this game online. For example, our website features black jack game guides and strategies that can help in your training and education. You can also find free demo games available online which can prove helpful if you are just starting out or you are testing a few strategies to use online. Once you are aware of the rules and you are ready to play, we highly recommend that you choose which specific blackjack variant to play and always consider the online casino where you want to play the game.

As a matter of practice, consider an online casino that’s licensed, secure, offers the best bonuses, and accept players from the Philippines. If you are looking for guidance when it comes to choosing the right black jack variant or want help in choosing the best black jack Philippines casino, we invite you to check our site. As a leading hub for online casino guides and resources, we list down the best black jack Philippines casinos that are fully licensed and offer the best bonus possible.

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