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The Philippines is home to several types of lottery games, each with specific features and jackpots that make them appealing to players. One such lottery game that’s popular in the Philippines is EZ2 Lotto, a daily lottery game introduced and managed by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). As a leading project of the PCSO, this lottery game is playable in all parts of the country, in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

As the name suggests, you will only bet on a combination of 2 numbers. The numbers pool ranges from 1 to 31, and this lottery game promises big wins if you can get the two numbers correctly. Also, the odds of winning in ez2 lotto is higher compared to traditional lotteries where the pool of numbers run to 58. Although this lottery game offers a much ‘smaller win’, it’s easy rules and affordability makes it a popular choice among locals who love to play the lottery in the Philippines.

ez2 lottoHow to Play and Other Game Rules

The rules of the ez2 lotto game are easy and simple. You just need to predict the winning combination of two numbers, in the exact order. This lottery game comes in two tiers: 2 in exact order and Rambolito. The latter offers a lower payout than the first tier. In this tier, possible permutations consisting of the two numbers are generated. The 2 in exact order offers a higher payout than Rambolito.

For you to become the winner of a bigger prize, you have to match the numbers in the same order they were drawn. The cost of a single ez2 lotto ticket is only 10 pesos. It is much affordable and convenient to play than the 4 digits and 6 digits lottery. Once you have purchased your ticket, all you need to do is to wait for the results to come out. When your chosen numbers are drawn, you can claim your winnings at designated venues and offices. And when it comes to odds, ez2 lotto offers better chances to players. Since there are fewer permutations to consider compared to other national lotteries, most players prefer to play this lottery.

ez2 lottoHow and Where to Buy EZ2 Lotto Tickets

As long as you are in legal age, you will be allowed to purchase a lottery ticket. Take note that you have to find a licensed lottery retail venue when buying tickets. Otherwise, your wins will be forfeited if the tickets were purchased from unregulated outlets. Here are some general steps you can follow when purchasing your ticket for the first time:

  1. When buying ez2 lotto tickets, you will be asked by the lotto teller to choose your desired combination of two numbers.
  2. Indicate if it will be played on Rambolito or 2 in exact order.
  3. Get your tickets and wait for the ez2 lotto results.

You can visit lotto outlets or watch TV updates to check if you have won. Since this is a fixed-prize game, it promises smaller payouts to ez2 lotto players. However, ez2 lotto allows players to buy multiple tickets for greater chances of winning. Thus, you can get multiple tickets and bet for the same number combination in one draw. Cash prizes may vary depending on the number of lucky tickets you can purchase in a single draw.

EZ2 Lotto Prizes

As a winner of the ez2 lotto result today, you will receive cash prizes. This daily lottery offers smaller payouts compared to the 4 digits and 6 digits lotto. For 2 in exact order, you can take home at least 4,000 pesos or higher. If you win with Rambolito, you can enjoy at least 2,000 pesos. This lottery game offers a fixed prize for each draw. This only means that whoever gets the winning number in order, will take home the fixed prize. In the conventional lottery, you can expect prizes in millions as it comes with a jackpot pool. The winning players in the usual lottery take a share of the entire jackpot prizes.

In EZ2 lotto, the jackpot that you can win is fixed. Regardless of the number of individuals who won, the same cash prizes will be given. Ez2 lotto prizes are also subject to taxes as imposed by the government. All winnings are subject to a 20% income tax regardless of the amount.

ez2 lottoHow to Collect Prizes

If you have already bought your tickets, there are few ways to know the daily ez2 results. First, you can check it out at licensed retail venues. Ez2 Lotto result for the previous and recent draws are posted at these venues. Secondly, you can visit the official website of PCSO for a complete list of winning combinations every day. Just key in ez2 result today on your search box and the results will appear. Ez2 lotto results are also advertised on TV to keep players updated on the recent lotto results.

To be able to collect your winnings, you need to present your winning ez2 lotto tickets to the retail venues or PCSO offices. Winners of PCSO ez2 can claim their prizes through several options. Smaller prizes can be claimed in cash at authorized retail venues. For winnings ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 pesos, they can only claim the cash prize at regional offices of PCSO. Those winning amounts exceeding 20,000 pesos can be collected at the PCSO head office.


🤔 Where do I claim my winnings with ez2 lotto?

It will depend on the number of winnings to be claimed. Smaller prizes can be directly claimed at retail venues. For winnings up to 20,000 pesos, you have to visit the regional PCSO offices. For winnings more than 20,000 pesos, they should be claimed at PCSO head offices.

Can I purchase multiple lottery tickets?

Due to smaller payouts, you can buy multiple tickets betting on the same number combination.

📑 How do I know the results of ez2 lotto?

There are several ways to keep you on track of the results of ez2 lotto. You can check it out at retail venues, TV, or on the official website of PCSO. It provides a complete list of lotto results with respective draw dates.

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