Betting on the NBA is still one of the most popular and exciting ways to bet on sports online. Thanks to quick scoring, unpredictable point swings and momentum shifts, and exciting physical action on the court betting on the game offers a myriad of experience to different types of bettors. In this guide, we help you understand the process of betting in the NBA and the different types of bets that you can make in the sports.

Best Sites for NBA Betting in the Philippines 2024

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More importantly, we help you appreciate the importance of NBA predictions in the overall betting experience and tips on how and where you can these NBA predictions and NBA odds prediction online. If this is your first time to participate in NBA sports betting, then the following guide can help you enjoy the services available online.

Betting on the NBA: Different Bets Available for You

NBA Predictions

NBA game predictions

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is an exciting league that’s popular in different countries around the world. There are several reasons why the league is popular among players and enthusiasts who want to take part in betting. One reason is the appeal and marketability of its players. Who can ignore the appeal and popularity of top players like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant? How about the on-going rivalries between the top teams of the league?

More importantly, the popularity of NBA betting and playing the NBA predictions are made possible by the availability of different bets to play. If you follow the game, then you will discover different types of bets that you can play in NBA which can appeal to your experience and level of understanding of the game. But before you start your game of NBA predictions and betting, you should understand first the different types of bets that are available to you.


Most of the NBA predictions that you can find online and in top sportsbooks focus on this type of bet. In this NBA bet type, you are simply betting on the team that will win at the end of the game. Also, this type of bet will specify the amount of bet that you need to make for you to collect a payout of $100. For example, the teams that are playing next are LA Lakers and the LA Clippers, with the Lakers favored to win the game and the Moneyline is set by the sportsbook at -185.

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The addition of the (-) sign is indicative that the Lakers is favored to win. The number (185), on the other hand, suggests that you need to wager this amount for you to collect a payout worth $100. You will also note that the odds for the Clippers is set at +165. This means that the team is the underdog and it represents the payout that you will receive if you make a $100 bet.

Point Spread

In the point spread bet, your knowledge of the game, the teams, and skill in NBA predictions will come in handy. In this type of bet, your NBA predictions will center on the winning margin of victory. In short, you are not just concerned about the team that will win in the game, you also pay attention to how small (or large) the margin will be. Even if your understanding of the game and NBA predictions are poor, you can still place informed bets by taking a look at the information posted by the sportsbook.

Let’s go back to the example on the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers. In this match-up, the sportsbook may set the odds for the Lakers at -6 and the odds for the Clippers at +6. The signs will indicate who is the favorite to win the game. If you are going to bet on the Lakers, the team should not just win but also win by more than 6 points to cover the spread for you to win the bet. For Celtics, the team should lose by less than 6 points or even win.

What if the Lakers managed to win by exactly 6 points? Under this betting arrangement, no one wins and you will get your bet. This is the reason why some sportsbooks will tweak then odds and express it in decimal, such as -6.5. If you are truly passionate about the NBA and knows how the game will end, then you can use your NBA point spread predictions to make lucrative bets.


Another popular form of bet that is accepted in the market is Total which is also known as over/under. In this type of bet, the odds will be set at a number that will predict the total scores of both teams. Going back to the earlier example, the sportsbook may predict that the combined score of the Lakers and the Clippers is 180 points. As a bettor and one that exercises NBA predictions, you bet if the final total will fall over or under this specified number.

To make informed NBA predictions, it’s best that you pay attention to the scheduled match-ups so you can easily determine the total scores. If the match is between two high-scoring teams, then the point total should be high. If the two teams are known to be low scorers, then the NBA predictions should fall ‘under’. You need to adjust your bet based on these NBA predictions.

Where to Get News, Information and NBA Predictions

If you are a fan of basketball and you can read matches and statistics, then it’s easier for you to make NBA predictions and plan your bets around these details. What if you are a beginner or you only have a decent understanding of the games, players, and their statistics? How can you complete your bets and where will you get information and insights related to NBA predictions? Described below are some suggestions and tips on how you can get NBA predictions on scores, results, and statistics.

Check out the available resources on different sportsbooks. Sportsbooks are not just platforms where you can place your bets or earn bonuses. These websites can also serve as sources of information and insights that can help you make an informed NBA bet. Some of the leading sportsbooks in the market offers the bets, guides on the different bets that you can make, NBA predictions and some NBA odds picks. Also, these websites offer players access to statistics and NBA results of previous games. Furthermore, you can rely on the sportsbooks for live streaming of games.

Visit NBA and sports-focused websites like and If you want real-time information and expert analysis on the games and player performances, then you should get it straight from the source. You can check out the schedule of matches, scores, and game statistics. More than this information, you can also rely on these sites for NBA expert picks, NBA game predictions, and NBA score predictions from their in-house analysts and experts. These websites often feature videos of experts and analysts discussing their NBA expert picks, other NBA predictions, and news regarding players and teams.

Join forums, communities and NBA boards. You can also join community forums where you can mingle and chat with like-minded enthusiasts. Here, you can also count on a treasure load of NBA details and information including NBA predictions, NBA picks and parlays, and NBA score predictions. However, information and NBA predictions that you can get from these sites should be properly checked and assessed. Not all information, tips, and NBA predictions are true or will hold. Always check the source to ensure that the NBA predictions and tips are coming from experts or knowledgeable enthusiasts.

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FAQ About Betting and NBA Predictions

🏀 What are the different types of NBA bets that I can make online?

As a sports bettor, you are allowed to make different kinds of bets. Some of the popular bets that you can make in NBA is totals (over/under), point spread, and Moneyline.

💰 What is a Moneyline bet and what makes it different from other types of bets that I can make online?

In Moneyline bet, you are simply concerned about the team who will win after the game. This type of bet will also indicate the amount of wager that you need to make to get a payout of $100. Most NBA predictions that are available in top websites and forums are focused on this type of bet.

📈 What is total and how does it differ from other types of NBA bets?

In this type of bet, the online sportsbook will identify the total number of points that can be collected by both teams at the end of the game. Your challenge is predicting whether the total output will be over or under the set points by the sportsbook. For example, the sportsbook will identify 180 as the total. You will choose between over and under for your bet. Many online sportsbooks and websites also cover this as part of their NBA predictions.

🧾 I want to make informed bets online. Where can I get reliable NBA predictions including NBA predictions which can be used as a basis for bets?

You can get NBA predictions and NBA odds picks from several sources. For example, sports sites like NBA and ESPN can provide you information on the top picks and expert picks. You can also visit and read the columns of top NBA experts and enthusiasts. Their columns and opinion pieces often feature NBA predictions and NBA expert picks.