To curb the illegal numbers game, the national government through the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has expanded its lottery offerings. One popular game that you can play right now is EZ2 lotto, a fast and convenient way of betting on numbers. This is one of the most popular ways to bet and win legally in the Philippines. Compared to other lottery variants, EZ2 lotto is easy to play with its basic rules and draws are hosted three times daily.

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This means that players are allowed to participate in the game anytime. If you have not tried this game then it’s never too late to try and bet on your favorite numbers. In this guide, we take a look at the basic rules and conditions on how to play EZ2 lotto. We will also cover the common tricks and techniques used by players when selecting the numbers that they want to play.

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Learn How to Play EZ2 Lotto

EZ2 lottoAs one of the lottery games operated and maintained by PCSO, this game requires you to visit one of their outlets. Lotto outlets in the Philippines are easy to find and these are normally located in major malls and city centers. As the name suggests, this game requires you to choose two numbers from the list, in order. As you can see, there will be several permutations possible which can make this game more challenging.

Launched in 2014, EZ2 lotto is now a popular option for players who wants to enjoy a numbers game. Since this works like a small lottery system, draws are held many times in a day. Also, it features a small entry bet making this game a popular option for players from different classes. In a way, EZ2 lotto is designed as a way to provide the industry with a legal game that can replace Jueteng.

Once you are in the lotto terminal, simply approach the cashier and ask for a play slip or ticket for EZ2 lotto. You need to pick two numbers from a field of 1 to 30. In learning how to play EZ2 lotto, you must pay attention to the design of the cards or tickets. In the ticket, you will notice three boxes where you can indicate your preferred digits. In each box, you will notice numbers from 1 to 30. From this list, you need to choose your two preferred numbers.

If you want to bet on one set of numbers, just fill up the first box. But if you want to complete three bets, fill up the remaining boxes. Once you have selected your number combination, you need to pay for it at the cashier. As of the latest update made by PCSO, the minimum bet that you can make in EZ2 lotto is Php 12.00 and it can go up to Php 600.00. According to PCSO, this is inclusive of the 20% Documentary Stamp.

How to Pick Your EZ2 Lotto Numbers

If you have numbers in mind, then betting in EZ2 lotto is fast and easy. You simply visit the outlet, get the card, and indicate the numbers that you want to play. However, it can be a bit stressful if you don’t have numbers in mind when you want to play EZ2 lotto. For many players, they rely on several tricks and practices when they are choosing which numbers to play. And in learning how to win EZ2 lotto, many players resort to strategies, computations, and even traditions when picking the numbers.

If you are clueless about what numbers to play, you can rely on your birthday or other important days in your life. Some players also rely on their dreams, the important events, or even the last numbers that they saw. You can also rely on the lotto system provided by a system called ‘Rambolito’ which comes with minimum pay of Php 12.00 for a 2-number combination. Another option is to use the EZ2 lucky pick which allows the system to pick the numbers for you. Even if the system picks the number for you, it does not automatically mean that you will win in EZ2 lotto.

Tips on Playing the Game

This game also allows you to place your wagers in advance. To enjoy this feature of EZ2 lotto, you need to check out Advance Draws. You can mark how many consecutive draws you want to play and complete in the Draw Panel. When using this feature, you can play the same numbers and use it up to 6 consecutive draws. Again, the wager starts at Php 12.00. If you play the minimum amount of Php 12.00 and your numbers are drawn, you win Php 4,000. Keep in mind that you should have selected the two numbers in order.

If you win using the ‘Rambolito’ option of EZ2 lotto, then your payout is Php 2,000. In EZ2 lotto, your numbers must be drawn to qualify for the payout. There are three draws for EZ2 lotto as of the moment and these are conducted every 11 AM. 4 PM, and 9 PM. You can also watch the draws live if you prefer to watch the proceedings. The draw is televised in PTV4, a government-owned TV station. Speaking of EZ2 lotto results, you can also check out the winning numbers online or through SMS.

Several websites host the latest winning numbers from PCSO including that of EZ2 lotto. But if you prefer the traditional way of learning about the results, you can simply visit the outlet where you placed your bet.

Reminders About EZ2 Lotto

Just like other licensed forms of gambling, EZ2 lotto is only available to players who are at least 18 years of age. Even if you managed to bet, the operator will still check your age to confirm if you are of legal age. Once you win in EZ2 lotto, you are given two chances on how to claim your prize. The first option is to visit any authorized lotto outlet near your area. If you have won Php 20.00 to Php 10,000.00, you can claim your winnings from this outlet. But for bigger prizes including multi-million jackpots, you need to personally visit the Head Office of PCSO.

Final Thoughts on EZ2 Lotto

EZ2 lotto is a fun and convenient game that can work for all players. Since its introduction in 2014, the game has grown in popularity and all for the right reasons. The game is easy to play and requires no complicated strategies. You simply two random numbers from 1 to 30. And when these two numbers appear in order, then you win in the game. Also, entry into the game is friendly. You don’t need to spend a fortune just to participate in the lottery. With just Php 12.00 in your wallet, you can participate in EZ2 lotto.

More importantly, this game is fun and highly recommended because it’s allowed under existing laws. If you check out the EZ2 summary in this article, you will note that the operations are legal and it’s sanctioned and run by PCSO. Claiming of the prizes is also easy. You can personally visit the lotto outlet or you can head to the PCSO office in case you win the biggest prize in the game.


🎱 How many balls are in EZ2 Lotto?

There are 31 numbers to choose from in EZ2 Lotto.

🍀 What are my chances of winning in EZ2 Lotto?

You have a 1 in 961 chance of winning the EZ2 Lotto Game.

💰 How do you win in EZ2 Lotto?

You have to match 2 numbers in exact order to win the prize.