eSports is changing the landscape of sports and betting. Often associated with informal gatherings, competitions in pubs and shops, and amateurs, eSports has become a major sport played and followed by millions of players. Thanks to a growing number of highly challenging and competitive games introduced to the industry, it’s popularity is expected to grow. With its growth comes the popularity of tournaments and betting. eSports is now a major player in the sports betting industry.

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According to one survey, more than $5.5 billion (2016) was wagered on eSports and it’s expected to move past $12 billion in 2020. its popularity can be attributed not just to the passionate involvement of fans and players but the emergence of highly popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

Also known as CSGO, Counter-Strike is a multiplayer and first-person game designed and marketed by Hidden Patch Entertainment and Valve Corporation. This is the latest variant of the game that was first released to the public in 2012.

In CSGO, players form teams and will play against each other. Under the play arrangement, a team can either be the Terrorist or the Counter-Terrorist. As soon as the game starts, it is the objective of the CSGO team to eliminate the other team while completing other in-game objectives. For example, the Terrorist team must defend hostages or plant bombs. The Counter-Terrorists, on the other hand, must free the hostages or defuse the bomb. The great thing is that the game never runs out of action- you can choose from different CSGO modes or even try several CSGO skins to make your playing environment more memorable.

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Betting on CSGO

When the game was first released, the company behind the game already planned for its development and marketing as an eSports. Right off the bat, CSGO become popular and was a leading choice among players who compete in eSports. The game was soon adopted by professional gaming groups like Major League Gaming, Intel Extreme Masters, and the Electronic Sports League. In these tournaments, the winning teams can win from $200,000 to more than a million. Also, several sponsors helped promote the game of CSGO.

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The result is the growing popularity of the game not just among players but also among CSGO bettors who are looking to capitalize on gaming information, trends, and statistics. Today, csgo betting is an activity for many enthusiasts and followers of the game. Whether you are in Europe or from the Philippines, CSGO is now a major event in eSports betting.

What are the Different Types of Bets You Can Make

If you are from the Philippines, you can take part in cs go Philippines betting.

The eSports circuit is alive and exciting in the Philippines and some licensed and regulated platforms will allow you to play in real money mode. Before you can take part in betting, you should know first a few things about the different bets you can make. Here’s a quick look at the different bets and betting markets that you will encounter if you participate in Counter-Strike betting.

  • This is one CSGO bet that is popular among enthusiasts. Here, you are betting that the match between two teams will end in a draw.
  • Group of Winner. This is a bet on the group that will feature the winner at the end of the CSGO competition.
  • Group Winner. You are putting your money on the winning group in a specified tournament.
  • Handicap bet. You are putting your money on the CSGO team with the handicap advantage or at a disadvantage will win. For example, your money is on Team Alpha which has a 3 round advantage against Team Beta. The score is 8-10, but thanks to the 3 round handicap, Team Alpha still wins thanks to a revised score of 11-10. This means that your CSGO bet is paid out.
  • Region winner. You are betting that the winner will come from this particular region. This CSGO wager is only applicable if the competition calls for the separations of teams by regions.
  • Total rounds. You are betting that the number of rounds will go over or under the identified number of rounds.

Other Bets and Markets in CS: GO eSports Betting

Depending on the website or sportsbook, you will also find other types of CSGO bets that you can play. Here’s a quick look at the other bets that you can make.

  • Map betting. You are placing your money on the team that can offer the best performance on the map where it’s played like Train or Dust 2.
  • First Blood. You are placing your money on the first CSGO team that can make a kill.
  • Knife Round. You are pacing your money on the CSGO team that can have the first kill using a knife.

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind When Betting on Counter-Strike

There are other things you need to keep in mind when you want to fully enjoy the game and participate in betting activities online.

  1. Watch old streams and interviews before wagering. If you want to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to CSGO betting, then you need to know the gameplay and the different teams and players in the competition. Researching about the teams and the gameplay also applies to the game. This means watching old footage or streams about the teams and check out how they fare in maps. Speaking of CSGO maps, you want to check their performances on different maps and how well they fare against several teams.
  2. Read eSports coverage including news articles. If you want to be successful in CSGO betting, then you should read a lot of materials related to the game. As a matter of practice, it’s best to follow blogs and opinion pieces of top enthusiasts and gamers which can provide you with insights on how teams are preparing. You can also check out several YouTube videos to learn more about the matches or know the CSGO rank of a team that you prefer. Get as much information and details as you can from the experts if you want to turn your past time into a lucrative activity.
  3. Sign up with a licensed and dependable sportsbook. Your experience will eventually depend on the quality of the platform where you can follow and bet on CSGO. When looking for a sportsbook, you need to consider the types of services that you can get. If possible, choose a sportsbook that can provide you easy access to top information like CSGO live score, schedule of the matches, and ranking of top teams whenever possible. You also need to choose a sportsbook that covers the best tournaments and offer schedules of CSGO matches. For example, HLTV CSGO is a reliable destination for top insights and schedules. For tips and recommendations, CSGO livescore, and streams of CSGO live.

FAQs About CSGO Betting

🎮 What is CSGO betting?

This is an eSports that’s based on the popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a game developed by Hidden Patch Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is a multiplayer game where players will form teams, either a Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist. The objective of the game is to bet on the result of the match. As a bettor, you can bet on the outcome of the match or the outcome of the tournament.

💰 Can I bet real money on CSGO matches and tournaments?

Yes. There are several websites that allow you to bet in real money. If you are from the Philippines, you need to check out the site if you are allowed to participate.

💸 What are the different types of bets that I can make on CSGO?

Just like other online betting games like sports and sabong online betting, CSGO betting also features several bets. Some of the popular bets that you can make in casinos and top sportsbooks are Group Winner, Under/Over, Draw, and Total Rounds.

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🎮 Are there specialty bets that I can make?

Yes. If you are looking for specialty bets, CSGO can also deliver these online. For these types of bets, you can choose from Map Betting, First Blood, and Knife Round. You need to check with the sportsbook if you prefer to bet on specialized bets.

🥇 How should I choose my next sportsbook where I can bet on CSGO?

Just like the choice of the right online casino, it pays to exercise due diligence when you want to participate in CSGO betting. Make sure you choose a sportsbook that is licensed and accepts players from your region. Since you are participating in betting, you also want to gain access to free bets or even free bonuses. You should also look for an online sportsbook that offers complete coverage of eSports.

It’s a must that the website features live streaming of matches, live scores, and CSGO expert analysis. If you are playing from the Philippines, it’s best that it’s regulated to accept bets from Philippine players and it offers the best cs go price PH for skins or other upgrades