Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO expands the original CS by adding more action on the screen. More than the action, this game is also now part of mainstream eSports betting where players can take part in CSGO betting which can be done in several CSGO betting sites. Together with Mobile Legend (ML), CS GO betting is now a popular activity allowing amateurs to become professionals while enjoying lucrative wins along the way.

Best CSGO Betting Sites in the Philippines 2024

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What is CSGO and Things to Expect

csgo betting sites

csgo betting

CS: GO is an improvement and an expansion of the classic game from 1999. This game features team-based action and offers new maps, weapons, characters, and game modes. Because of the action, skills and planning requirement, and different game modes available, CS has gone mainstream. Today, several competitions are hosted where teams compete for prizes and spectators can bet on outcomes. The game helped popularize the eSports betting industry and considered as one of the most popular eSports in the Philippines. You can easily find several CS GO betting sites available online that boast complete coverage of competitions.

Betting in CS: GO

Before you sign up and play in top CSGO betting sites, you must know the basics about betting and the odds. Betting in CS is straightforward and if you are a regular bettor online, then you will find the process convenient. The most basic way of participating in CSGO betting is to bet on the side that you think will win in the game. You will find other bet types and all these depend on your chosen CSGO betting site. They may vary in terms of actual bets but all these share one similarity.

All bets that you can make in the CSGO betting sites will always come with betting odds. Always keep in mind that the team that is favored to win the match will normally pay less. If you want to win big, you may want to risk your CSGO bet on a team that’s considered as an underdog.

Betting Odds When Playing at CSGO Betting Sites

When you want to bet on CS you need to be aware of the differences in betting odds. There are two general types of odds that you will encounter in the top CSGO betting sites- the decimal odds and the American Odds. Say for example two teams are competing in an event, CS1 and CS2, with CS1 as the favorite to win the match. In a CSGO betting site that uses the American odds, the match-up will be written as CS1 (-500) and CS2 (+350). If the number features ‘-‘ in front, it is used as a reference as to how much money you need to wager to win $100.

Using the example in a CS match-up, you need to wager $500 on CS1 just to win $100. The underdog team is often represented with the ‘+’. Again, this is a reference to the amount of money that you can collect when playing a $100 bet. This means that your bet of $100 on the second team will give you a profit of $350 if it wins.

When participating in CSGO betting sites, you will also encounter the decimal odds. The difference is that this type of odds will spell out the whole payout and not just your profit. Using the same example, the CSGO betting sites will list the odds as CS1 (1.20) and CS2 (4.50). So if you bet $500 on the first team will give you $600.

But betting on the second team will award you with $450 when wagering $100 ($100x 4.50). The intention of both odds is similar but they are delivered in different ways. As a player, it’s also important that you know this for convenience purposes. If you are comfortable with the decimal approach, then you can sign up with CSGO betting sites that offer these odds.

Other Important Things to Remember When Betting on CSGO

Just like other forms of betting, it’s critical that you are informed and you always choose the best CSGO betting site. One type of preparation is collecting as much information about the events, the teams, and the players. You can improve your chances of winning your CSGO bet if you know the past performances of the teams and their head-to-head match-ups with other participating teams. To do this, you may want to do research first and find out the most relevant CSGO betting predictions.

These CSGO betting predictions can help you make informed bets when playing at your preferred CSGO betting sites. You can get these predictions and tips from several blogs and websites that specialize in Counter-Strike.

There are also community boards and forums where players and bettors exchange notes on upcoming games. These boards are perfect platforms to find the latest tips and predictions on matches. You can also rely on CSGO betting Reddit predictions. But be careful when choosing what information to consider. You only want to consider the information from experienced players and those who truly follow the game.

It is also important that you screen the top CSGO betting sites before selecting your preferred sportsbook. Remember, not all of the bookmakers that you will find online will deliver the best services. When faced with a long list of bookies, you should consider first if the sportsbook is fully licensed and accepts bettors from your country. You want to make sure that your CSGO bet and funds are safe at all times. Next up is to consider the quality of betting odds.

As mentioned in the previous section, the odds will define the profit or the winnings that you can get from the CSGO betting sites. To do this, you need to compare websites and see which of them deliver the best odds.

You may want to consider CSGO betting sites that offer complete coverage of eSports. If you want to take this type of betting seriously then you should find a website that offers a complete schedule of the games. Adding a live stream service is an extra that can make the betting experience more memorable.

Finally, consider the betting sites that offer you some of the best bonuses and promotions. Free bets, deposit, and reload bonuses are the most popular promotions that you will encounter in leading bookmakers. And if you still need help on how betting on Counter-Strike works, don’t hesitate to visit and browse our website. We cover the eSports segment including the best CSGO betting sites in the industry today.


🎮 What is the best online CSGO betting site for Filipinos?

There are a number of great bookmakers that offer many betting options for CSGO but Arcanebet is the best for eSports.

⚖️ Is CSGO gambling legal in the Philippines?

Yes! You can legally place bets on all kinds of eSports including CSGO in the Philippines.

💰 Can I win real money when betting on CSGO?

Definitely! CSGO betting works the same way as with any other sport. You have to pick a legitimate bookmaker, make registration and you are good to go. Some bookmakers have bonuses especially for eSports betting.