Compared to other sports and games, baseball Philippines is a relatively new addition to the list. This was first introduced in the Philippines by the Americans and since then, this game has been played by millions of Filipinos. Although not as popular as basketball which is another American influence, this game has its loyal following in the country. The sustained popularity of Filipino baseball can be seen in the growing number of enthusiasts and amateurs who play the game. Also, the popularity can be seen in the number of leagues established in the country since it was first introduced. A great example of this is the popularity of the Little League Philippines, a local club that promotes this sport among the youth. As of 2018, there is a renewed interest in the game with the re-establishment of the Philippine Amateur Baseball Association or PABA. More importantly, it’s popularity can still be seen online. Together with basketball, baseball is also a favorite sport when it comes to sports betting.

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Short History of Philippine Baseball

The game is a product of American colonization. When the Americans came to the country, one of its contributions is the game of baseball. According to historians, the first baseball game was played in 1898 right after the Battle of Manila. In the next two years, several baseball clubs were established by locals in support of the new game. The game serves as one of the tools of the Americans to fully promote its assimilation efforts. There was a time when baseball was seen as the answer to curbing the problem of gambling in the country like cockfighting. During the time of Governor-General William Howard Taft, baseball became the most popular sport and was considered as a national pastime. However, the popularity of the game deteriorated from 1898 to 1923 due to the neglect by the government. The game received a boost in 1954 when the country hosted the first Asian Baseball Championship and the country was declared as the champions. This was also the time when a Filipino was allowed to play at the Major League Baseball (MLB). By 1970s, the popularity of the game once again declined, paving the way for basketball to become the country’s most popular sport. From 1971 to 1994, the country did not participate in international competitions pushing the game to the sidelines. During this time, the popularity of the game was sustained by several leagues and clubs focused on Filipino baseball. For example, a leading supporter of baseball Philippines is the Little League Philippines. Little League Philippines is a project of Little League Baseball based in the United States. It is the objective of Little League to promote and supervise baseball games in lawful ways. The organization provides guidance and support to young players around the world including Filipino baseball.

Today, baseball in the Philippines is re-emerging as an important sport. Amateur baseball is now being supported again thanks to the re-establishment of the Philippine Amateur Baseball Association. Through the initiatives of its current leader, Chito Loyzaga, the game is getting increased attention and visibility once again. Also, the popularity of baseball in the Philippines is partly fueled by sports betting. Majority of the online sportsbooks that accept bets from locals include baseball as one of the sports where bets can be played.

The legality of Baseball Betting in the Philippines

Just like the betting on basketball, baseball betting is also legal in the country. If you are interested to place your bets on baseball, then make sure that you sign up with a local sportsbook or a licensed offshore sports betting website. If you prefer to bet in a local sportsbook, then look for a website or a betting facility that is licensed and regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation or PAGCOR. You can easily find betting shops and casinos around the country, and these are normally concentrated in major cities and economic zones. Another option available is to create a real money account with an offshore online sportsbook. This website should be licensed and regulated and should accept players from the Philippines. There are no local laws that will stop you from playing in a licensed offshore sportsbook. The challenge here is finding the right sportsbook that will accept your bets. For more information and guidance in choosing a licensed sportsbook, please check our reviews of the leading sites on this website.

Betting on Baseball Philippines – Two Types of Bets

When it comes to betting on baseball Philippines, players are given different betting options. Often, the types of baseball bets that you can make will depend on the platform. Of the different types of bets available, the most popular ones are Moneyline, Run Line, and Series bets.

Compared to basketball and football where bets are primarily based on the point spread, betting on Filipino baseball is primarily Moneyline. This is the simplest bet that you can make online and one that is subject of several MLB predictions and MLB tips that are available online. In the Moneyline bet, you are betting on which team will win the game. Under this betting arrangement, the starting number is 1oo (meaning both has a chance to win) and each team is assigned a number. If Team is +150 over Team B and they win, for every $100 bet that you make, you will get back your bet plus $150.

Another popular bet that you can make in Filipino basketball is Run Line. This is a bet based on the total number of runs scored in an official nine-inning or longer game. The Series bets, on the other hand, allows you to pick the winner of the series after the regular season. For many enthusiasts and players of the game, it is the best bet to make. Thanks to their understanding of the game, the teams, and player statistics in batting cages, they can easily make sense of MLB predictions.

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind When Betting on Filipino Baseball

If you want to enjoy sports betting and turn it into a lucrative pastime, then you need to pay attention to several tips and playing strategies. Here’s a quick look at the top practices and tricks you can consider.

  1. Get the latest information and statistics on baseball Philippines. Knowledge will give you an advantage over other players. And when it comes to baseball, you must have access to the latest baseball results, player statistics including their averages in batting cages, and schedule. If you know the team and the player statistics, it will be easier for you to make an informed bet. For information and baseball results, you can rely on sporting websites, blogs, and news websites. ESPN baseball is a leading destination for baseball news, baseball scores, and even MLB tips and predictions. You can also get your MLB predictions and tips from community boards and forums.
  1. Put your Money on Plus-Money Underdogs. In betting, the most common approach for many players and bettors is to put the money on the heavy favorites. This is understandable knowing that your money is always on the winning team. However, if you are looking not just to win but also earn lucrative payouts, it’s recommended that you also put your money on plus-money underdogs. Many sportsbooks will offer the best payouts on bets backing the underdogs.
  1. Take the risk and bet against the public. This is another risk that can work for you if you plan it the right way. In this strategy, you will go against the conventional bet or the wager of the general public. For many bettors, the best bets are on home teams, favorites, teams with star players, and popular franchises. Although these are the popular and easy bets to make, it doesn’t mean that these bets will always win in the end. There are several instances wherein the favorites falter. Also, the home teams are known to fade under pressure. And when it does, the major sportsbooks online will offer the best odds and payouts. If you want to turn your bets into a lucrative proposition, then you should learn how to place your bets on the underdogs and go against the public.
  1. Know the weather. This may sound like a joke but it works in deciding the outcome of the game. The weather, specifically the wind, can affect the totals or the home runs that can be scored by teams. When the wind blows in, it can foil several home runs which can benefit unders. Conversely, if the wind blows out, fly balls can become home runs which will benefit overs. 
  1. Choose the best and most reliable online sportsbook where you can bet on baseball Philippines. If you want a lucrative sports betting experience, then you need to make sure that you sign up with the best casino that accepts bets on baseball. For a start, look for a sportsbook that’s regulated by PAGCOR. If you are going for an online casino, look for an offshore licensed online casino that accepts players from the Philippines. Aside from its reputation and reliability, choose a sportsbook that accepts the Philippine Peso as a currency or any currency that you prefer. Finally, choose a sportsbook that can offer you lucrative bonuses, promotions, and free bets that will allow you to enjoy betting on baseball Philippines.