Play Texas Holdem Poker Like a Pro by Checking These Basic Rules and Guide


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texas holdem pokerIf you are looking for a challenging yet entertaining online casino game, then Texas Holdem Poker is your best bet on the table. Compared to other casino games where the outcomes are often at random, a game of Texas Holdem Poker incorporates an element of skill and an informed understanding of the game. If you have a better understanding of the game and you have bold decision-making skills, then this variant of online poker will prove entertaining.

Here, you don’t play against the casino dealer; you are preparing the best hand to play against the other players which add another layer of challenge. If you are new to the game, read our guide below.

Basics of Texas Holdem poker That You Should Know

Just like other variants of online poker, Texas Holdem features the battle of the best hand values. If you play Texas Holdem Poker, the objective to beat the other participants in the game by arranging the best hand value. Under the Texas Holdem rules, the casino operator will collect a certain percentage from the bet made by the players. This is a popular online poker variant that’s carried by top online casinos for poker players from the Philippines and available in both free demo and real money versions of the game.

If you play the online version of Texas Holdem Poker, the game starts by requiring the players to submit their wagers. Once the wagers from participants have been finalized, all participants of the Texas Holdem Poker game will collect their cards, place another bet, get more cards, complete another wager, and repeat the same steps depending on the casino. In short, you may need a bit of patience when playing Texas Holdem Poker since it requires multiple wagering and distribution of cards.

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At any time, you have the option to opt out of the game by initiating a fold. By folding your hands in Texas Holdem Poker, you are no longer required to put more money which prevents you from losing more. However, folding in this game will forfeit all the wagers you have already completed. If all of the participants have decided to fold, the last player standing on this game wins the prize. Now, if there are at least two players remaining in the Texas Holdem Poker online game, the player with the best hand wins the pot.

Play the Game by Following These Steps

If you are new to the game or simply wants to refresh your memory, then you can follow the steps listed below:

  1. When you play Texas Holdem Poker, the first two players are required to complete two small wagers before cares are distributed. This is the starting pot that players will play for in the game.
  2. The next step in Texas Holdem Poker is the ‘Deal’ where two cards are assigned to the players which are presented face-down. The cards are known as the hole cards. Here, you have the option to bet or fold.
  3. The next phase in Texas Holdem Poker is the ‘Flop’ where community cards are presented in the middle of the table. As a player, you can take a card from the community cards to come up with the best hand value which can beat all other participants of the game. Under the rules of the Texas Hold’em, you will need to submit another bet or you can fold the cards.
  4. The next stage in Texas Holdem Poker is the ‘Turn’ where another card is handed out and another betting round must be completed.
  5. The ‘River’ comes in next where the last card is assigned to the player which is followed by another round of betting.
  6. The last round in Texas Holdem Poker is the ‘Showdown’ where the remaining players of the game will reveal their cards. The participant with the best hand value collects the prize on the table.

It’s All About the Hands

As mentioned in this post, this variant of online poker is all about the delivery of the best hand value on the table. This means that you should know the basics of hand values and more importantly, you know how your hand matches up with the rest. In this section of this guide, we take a look at the different hands that you can collect in the game of Texas Holdem Poker.

For easy comparison and proper guidance, the hands listed here are ranked from the best to the worst hand. This means that when using this list, the hand value listed first here will beat out the second, the second will beat out the third hand and so on. Take a look at this hand ranking and see if you can create the highest card combinations that can allow you to dominate a Texas Holdem Poker game!

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  • Royal Flush. In Texas Holdem Poker, this is the card combination that you should hope for. Of all the hands that you can form during the game, a Royal Flush your chance to beat all players and take home the prize. This is considered a straight flush that involves the highest-valued cards on the deck. Your Royal Flush combo will include 10, Ace, and the royals and they are not required to be in order!
  • Straight Flush. This is a valuable hand that includes a straight and a flush, for example, 8 to 10, joined by Q and J of diamonds.
  • Four-of-a-Kind. In your Texas Holdem Poker, this hand features four cards belonging to the same rank.
  • Full House. You have collected a Full House in the game of Texas Hold’em Poker once you discovered a pair and a three-of-a-kind in your hand.
  • These are your five cards that belong to the same suit, for example, you have collected 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 of diamonds.
  • Straight. As the name suggests, this Texas Holdem Poker card is a collection of five cards in order, like an Ace to 5.
  • Three-of-a-Kind. You have here three cards in your hand with similar ranks.
  • Two Pair. Your Texas Holdem Poker gets a Two Pair if it features two pairs of the same number, like 6, 6, 8, 8, and a Q.
  • A Pair. When playing Texas Holdem Poker, the pair features two cards of the same rank, like a 7, 7, 4, 3.

When you are playing the real money version of the Texas Holdem Poker Philippines game, you need to consider the value of the hand. The main objective of this game is to come up with the best cards that will allow you to create the most attractive hand value. In Texas Holdem Poker, your decision to bet or to fold will ultimately depend on how strong your hand is or how bold and aggressive you are to take your cards to the next betting round.

If you want to increase your chances of winning in this game, we highly recommend that you play first this game in free demo mode. You can test a few strategies or familiarize yourself with the top hands in Texas Holdem Poker. Once you are confident enough, then that’s the time you can play in real money mode by checking out the best online casino Philippines operator. We review the best online casinos for players from the Philippines so you can be sure of a secure and memorable casino experience if you use our site as a guide for everything related to Texas Holdem Poker