Start Your Online Slots Adventure by Reading this Introductory Guide

The slots ,When it comes to instant win casino online  games available at online casinos, are considered some of the biggest attractions. Available in multiple themes, reel configurations, and exciting graphics, these games are designed to provide entertainment on-the-go. And with a growing number of slots games packing jackpots to the tune of a million dollars or more, the passion and attention for these games are bigger than ever. These are the reasons why now is the best time to learn the basics about slots. If you take some time off to learn slots, you not only discover a game that will provide you the entertainment and relaxing experience. If you are lucky, you also get the chance to play slots that can bring you life-changing wins.

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As mentioned, these games are available in different themes, configurations, and styles. And depending on the provider, the features and the amount of jackpots may change as well. The list of options and their varying aesthetics will overwhelm you, but the basic rules remain the same. In this slot machine casino guide, we help you make sense of the differences in styles and themes of slots. If you are new to this online casino experience, then we invite you to read on and discover what you have been missing!

 Slots In Free Demo and Real Money Play

slotsThe great thing about online slots is that they are playable across devices on different platforms. And did you know that you can also play these games in practice mode? This makes the game appealing to beginners who are not yet ready to risk their bankroll or perfect for players who just want to have a relaxing time without wagering real money. You can easily find free slots online and these are often carried by online affiliates or websites that review and collates information about online casinos and bonuses. By playing slots in free demo, you also get the chance to know more about the symbols and their meanings and how the standard payout works.

Different Reel Configurations

One of the first things you will notice about slots is the differences in the number of reels. If you are shopping for an online slot to play, there’s a big chance that you have encountered slots descriptions for a 3-reel or a 5-reel game. In the casino slot machine, the reels are the ones that spin and will stop on the symbol. The reels are the ones that will show what symbol combinations will win.This game become more interesting ,if you can find more reels as it produces more symbols and opportunities for winning.

To collect your instant wins, the reels must align in a way that it will produce a winning combination. A more detailed explanation on a winning combination will be given in the next section below. In simple terms, if you find three bells in a row or three cherries, you collect your instant win!

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How Many Paylines?

Aside from the number of reels in slots, you will also encounter the number of paylines. In simplest terms, the paylines will also refer to the number of winning lines. If certain symbols will align in a specific payline, then you collect your winnings. In traditional casino slots, players will only play in a game with a single payline (the middle row). If you can find three matching symbols in the middle row, then the system will pay you out in coins. With the popularity of online video slots, the number of paylines and its arrangement have become complex. You can now find paylines that run vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally. This may seem complex at first but it actually means greater winnings for you since the wins can go in different ways! The number of paylines will vary depending on the games and the software provider. You can easily find video about this game that offer 15, 20, 50, or even more than a thousand paylines! The variety in paylines is one of the reasons why many casino players love playing online slots.

Pay Attention to the Symbols on the Reels

When playing slots, it’s important that you are aware of the symbols used. The symbols are the visible part of the slots and they are your tickets to instant wins or jackpots. How these symbols will align will give you information on whether you have collected an instant win, the jackpot, or you need to make another spin. The symbols or images that you will find on the reels will depend on the game title that you are playing. What’s interesting about online slots is that they are available in various themes, thus the choice of symbols will ultimately depend on the chosen theme. Just take the case of the popular Mega Fortune from Netent.

As the name of the slots suggests, this game focuses on the world of wealth and fortune. On the reels, you can find symbols and imagery that are associated with fortune and the good life. Some of the symbols that you will encounter in this progressive slots are a glass of wine and cigar, luxury car, watch, and a bundle of dollar bills. In short,these games are available today are available in different themes, and the choice of symbols is dependent on the title and chosen theme. By playing slots, you are instantly transported to a different world, a world of entertainment and prizes.

Road to Bigger Prizes Starts with the Special Symbols

In slots, you will find the low-paying symbols and the high-paying symbols. As a player looking for bigger wins, you should pay attention to these high-paying symbols or the special symbols in slots. In slots Philippines games, there are three special symbols that you should know: wilds, scatters, and the multipliers. Here’s a brief explanation on what to expect from each symbol when you are spinning the reels:

  • Wilds. Think of the wild symbols as the joker in online slots. If these symbols show on the game, it means that it can substitute for other items or images to create higher winning combinations. Collecting at least 3 wilds on the game will also result in bigger coin wins.
  • If you are looking for more opportunities to win in the game without spending another dime, then watch out for the scatters. In most slots, the scatters are used to activate bonus rounds particularly the free spins mode. In practice, you will need at least 3 scatters to activate the free spins bonus and the number of extra spins depends on the game.
  • As the name suggests, these are symbols that have the power to multiply your winnings. If during a spin you earn a x2 multiplier, it means that your wins are doubled. The amount of multiplier will depend on the game that you are playing. In many premium slots, it’s common to find multipliers that range from x2 to x50.

Online slots are home to a number of features and bonuses and this list is not complete. As software and game designers design and offer new games, they also introduce new features and bonuses that make the game exciting and truly memorable. What’s fun about slots is the availability of different bonuses, features, and symbols, and you can easily find what truly suits your mood. Why don’t you try some of the best slots available today in a free demo and real money mode? Use our site to check out the leading online casino Philippines websites to discover your new gaming destination!

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