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MSW Betting – Leading Destination for Sports Betting in the Philippines

The laws are mixed when it comes to online sports betting in the Philippines. In a country where following and betting on sports is a passion, the opportunities to bet online and offline are limited. According to Philippines laws on gambling, Philippines-licensed online casinos are not allowed to accept real money wagers from locals. Only offshore gaming companies licensed in other jurisdictions are allowed to accept players from the Philippines.

However, the challenge comes in finding what casino accepts Filipino players. But this doesn’t mean that you can say goodbye to online sports betting. There’s another option available and that’s through betting shops approved and licensed by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). this is a state agency that operates casinos and also approves other local betting shops to operate and accept wagers from Filipino players. One popular betting company that operates under PAGCOR regulation is MegaSportsWorld or MSW Philippines a fully licensed sportsbook that operates and located in the country.

Although this is an established sportsbook, many players are still clueless about MSW betting, with some asking the question ‘what is MSW’ and its main difference compared to offshore online sportsbooks and casinos. In this review, we take a look at the sports betting products of e games MSW Philippines and its main advantages over the competition.

Fully-Licensed e-Gaming Platform for Players from the Philippines

When it comes to sports betting in the Philippines, you can’t go wrong with MSW online betting. As a fully-licensed sportsbook by PAGCOR, you no longer have to worry about the legalities that come with sports betting. An account with the website will give you access to a betting platform that welcomes players from the Philippines and provides players with a comprehensive selection of sports.

As of the last update, MSW Philippines accepts bets on basketball (including PBA), boxing, tennis, golf, football, and hockey among others. You can even participate in a number of Virtual Sports that can help provide exciting sports betting adventure. In Virtual Sports, the action is simulated on screen and you can bet on the possible outcomes of the games.

In the delivery of this comprehensive sports coverage, players are given three ways on how to open their accounts and complete their MSW betting transactions:

  1. Create an account on its website. If you prefer MSW online betting, then registering and playing on the site is highly recommended. Simply register for an account and complete the personal details required on the page.
  2. Visit a betting shop operated by MSW. For locals, another option is to visit an MSW outlet and complete the registration process with the help of the cashier. You will need to present at least two valid IDs to complete the transaction.
  3. Complete the registration through the MSW hotline. This is the preferred route by players who want to enjoy MSW mobile You will need to answer some personal questions before the account can be registered. To activate the account, you need to make a deposit of at least Php 250 (or roughly $5).

Whatever option you consider, an account with MSW Philippines will give you access to a highly secure online sportsbook that offers a solid coverage of sports. With MSW, you can place your bet before the actual event or you can also take part in in-play betting. Whatever option you choose, you can rely on online resources provided by the sportsbook when it comes to placing your bets or following the scores in real-time.

Placing Your Bets at MSW Philippines

Once an account has been created, then that’s the time that you can take part in its sports betting activities. First, you need to fund first your account and this can be done through a number of options. A popular option for players is to deposit funds through selected local banks like Banco de Oro and Asia United Bank (AUB). You can also transfer funds from your ATM or you can visit a physical betting shop and complete the deposit in the area.

When it comes to MSW betting, you are given three options on how to complete the transaction: through 24/7 call-back, use of RFID chip, or self-service terminal.

  • 24/7 Call-Back. To place a bet, you need to log in to your telebet account and select a match. Once a match has been selected, you need to place your bet, confirm, and request a call-back. A representative of the company will then call you to confirm your bet. This approach is recommended for the player who prefers MSW mobile
  • RFID Ch Under this arrangement, you need to visit an MSW Philippines outlet to check out the latest MSW odds and to check the availability of sporting events. Simply tap the RFID on the card reader that you can find in the MSW counter. There will be staff who can also assist you during the process.
  • Self-Service Betting Terminal. If you prefer to do the betting alone, then you can visit an outlet near you. You will need to provide your user name and password when using the company’s Self Service Betting Terminal. Select the event that you want to play and configure the amount that you want to submit. Remember, you need to make a bet of at least Php 250 to access the facility.

There are different ways to bet in MSW Philippines. The two most popular bet types are the Single Bet and the Multiples that can be considered when playing at the e games MSW platform. In the Single Bet, you are placing a bet on a single game or event. Multiples, on the other hand, require bets on a number of selections from different events. This is also known as combo betting.

The minimum bet that you can make will depend on the market or the sports that you want to follow. If you prefer Single Bets and Accumulator Bets, the minimum bet that you can play is Php 100.00 (or roughly $2). The cheapest is Php 10.00 which is available for Virtual Sports.

MSW Philippines- A Safe and Fully-Licensed Sports Betting Destination

When it comes to choosing the right online sportsbook where you can bet on sports, two of the important requirements are the licensing and safety of the platform. On both these counts, MSW Philippines delivers the goods. As a leading online sportsbook, MSW is fully licensed and registered by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). Since this is approved by PAGCOR, players from the Philippines are welcome to play and place their bets.

To ensure the satisfaction if its players, MSW Philippines also maintains a highly secure betting platform. The website is fully encrypted and the servers used by the company are protected by modern firewalls. In short, MSW Philippines is committed to providing players with a safe and reliable sports betting platform. In case of problems or concerns, customers of this sportsbook can rely on a Customer Support team that’s available 24/7. As of the last update, the support services can be contacted through its email, [email protected], or customers can directly talk to a representative of the company by calling +632 88-66-181. The company also maintains social media accounts through Twitter and Facebook which allows players to send in some comments and suggestions in real time.