For many players, chasing the ‘jackpot’ is the best thing about playing in online casinos. Sure, different players have different motivations when it comes to playing at casinos, but there’s something exciting about the dream of winning the biggest prizes. With a promise of the best winnings and thrilling experience, winning the jackpot prize has become the main motivation for players who are playing online. And because the jackpot has become the elusive dream for many players, game designers operators are using this demand to create a number of games and a unique casino experience.

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jackpotToday, you can find different types of casino games that offer jack pot prizes and speaking of prizes, you will find varying amounts available online. Although these jackpot games and prizes can be exciting, they can be stressful too especially if you are choosing what games to play and what jackpots to play for. If you are looking for more information about the games or prizes, then this article can serve as your guide in understanding this casino offering. We take a look at the definition of jackpot prize and list down the most popular games where you can earn this prize.

What is a Jackpot Prize?

When you sign up and play at an online casino that accepts players from the Philippines, you will surely encounter the word ‘jackpot’. In casino gaming, the jackpot meaning can refer to two things- the prize that you can win and a type of game. Jackpot simply refers to a big cash prize that you can win in a casino game. This term is differentiated from the usual cash prize or coin winnings that you can collect from a traditional casino table game or slots game. When you say jackpot, it means a larger prize and in terms of monetary value, it can reach up to a thousand coin credits or cash or even more than a million dollars.

In understanding what is a jackpot, it’s also best to keep in mind that it also refers to a collection of games offered by the casino. If you visit a Philippines-focused online casino, you will encounter a separate section for jackpot games. These are the games that you play if you want to take a shot at the biggest jackpot prizes. In most online casinos, these jack pot games often refer to the popular slots games. For the purpose of this article, the word ‘jackpot’ will refer to the biggest prize money that you can win and ‘jackpot slots’ to refer to specialized slots games that promise some of the biggest winnings online.

Online Slots- Your Most Popular Sources of Jackpots

For many players, the amount of jackpot is the primary reason why they play and choose a specific type of game. And speaking of games that offer the biggest winnings for players, the online slots are the most popular. In fact, some of the top online casinos Philippines operators feature a separate section for ‘jackpot slots’, or premium slot games that offer players the opportunities to collect life-changing winnings. These types of games are also considered the flagship slot games from software vendors and game designers since these are thematically interesting and offer bigger cash prizes. Some of the biggest and most popular vendors that offer these types of games are Netent, Microgaming, and Blueprint Gaming. Here’s a look at the most popular  slots that you can play today:

  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming. If there’s a leader of the pack, then this game from Microgaming is the obvious choice. First launched in 2006, this Microgaming slot offers players with multi-million jackpots. In 2015 alone, this game rewarded a British player with £13.2 million. Instead of just one jackpot, this slot game offers four jack pots: the Mini, Minor, Major, and the Mega jackpots and all of these are seeded at £1 million.
  • Hall of Gods by Netent. On top of the epic Vikings theme, this game from Netent also offers promising rewards and fortune to the players. This popular Netent slot game is designed as a progressive slot game with an RTP of 95.5%. This slot game comes with three types of jackpots: the Mini, Midi, and the Mega jackpots. With different types of jack pots that can be won, players will have a fun time spinning the reels to score a jack pot in the game. Speaking of the actual prizes that can be won, players can expect winnings in the range of £5 million to £7 million.
  • Mega Fortune by Netent. This is another Netent slot presentation that offers you a glimpse of the good life. First introduced in 2009, this game comes with a luxurious feel and an RTP of 96.4%. Just like the Mega Moolah, the Mega Fortune game is also called a millionaire maker. One of the most memorable wins offered by the game is worth €17.8 million which was awarded to a casino player from Finland.

It’s Not Just About the Jackpot Slots

Although the jackpot slots are the most popular games to play, you can also collect bigger winnings from other types of casino games. You can also play a number of table games which also boast jack pots. Although the jackpot amount is not comparable to what the Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune can offer, these prizes from popular progressive table games can also impress and boost your bankroll. However, you need to exert more effort or even show off some skills if you want to take advantage of the cash prizes associated with progressive table games.

Unlike slot games which are heavily dependent on luck and the Random Number Generator (RNG), some of the most popular jack pot Philippines table games require some decision-making skills and some form of strategy. Some of the popular table games that can also offer progressive jack pot are poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

How to Win Your Jackpot?

Well, there’s no exact science that can bring us closer to the jackpot. There are no specific steps that can be taken here, only recommendations and a few strategies which can improve your chances of collecting your jackpot win. If you want to increase your odds at winning the jack pot particularly in slots, then you need to pay attention to the Return to Player (RTP) percentage and the volatility of the games. If you pay attention to the popular slots that are offered by top online Philippines casinos, you will notice that these games offer lower RTPs since they will not pay out that often. The challenge here is finding a game that offers the best RTP or a percentage close to 100%. For a progressive slot game, you have a better chance at games that offer an RTP of at least 95%.

Another critical ingredient that you need to consider is the volatility of the game. Also known as variance or dispersion, this refers to the risk involved when playing games. In slots, volatility refers to how frequent the payouts will be. Low volatility slot games are those that pay out frequently but in small amounts. High volatility games, like the progressive slots, can go for a long time without wins but when it comes, you can strike gold.

Playing the jack pot table games is a different thing. Since the results are not primarily driven by RNG, you need to pay attention to your set of strategies and decision-making skills. Your quest to win the jackpot ultimately depends on the cards on hand and it’s value and how you strategize to win the round and the game.