Horse racing is a popular recreational activity for Filipinos. It’s one of the oldest forms of entertainment dating back to 1867. This was started as a weekend activity and soon transformed into a popular sporting event in the country. Enthusiasts who follow the sports can bet on the results through a variety of bets. Its popularity in the Philippines has led to the development of several racetracks in the country.

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The horse racing industry in the Philippines has grown into a Php 1.3 billion industry at one point. Today, fans and racing enthusiasts still follow the sports. Even in the face of the growing influence of online gambling and other popular sports, horse racing Philippines is still a dominant industry. In this page, we take a look at the options available for players who want to take part in the game. We take a look at horse racing betting and other information that can help you fully appreciate this enduring recreational activity in the Philippines.

Brief History of Horse Racing in the Philippines

horse racingHorse racing began in 1867 and it started as a recreational activity. During this time, the races were held in a straight flat course that measures 402 m. It was in 1867 that the Manila Jockey Club (MJC) was established, considered the first horse racing club in Southeast Asia and was supported by some of the most popular families in the country at that time. Since the club was established for fun and recreation, the races then were for fun and entertainment. Winners were awarded medals to recognize their efforts. When the Philippine revolution and the war broke out, the operations of the Club and the races were suspended.

In 1935, horse racing in the Philippines entered a new age. Known as the thoroughbred-era, this was the time when the Club was enhanced and the objectives turned from recreational to business. In 1935, Act No. 4130 was signed into a law that authorized the hosting of the Sweepstakes Races by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes. In 1937, the Club was transformed into Manila Jockey Club, Inc. Another horse racing club was also introduced during this time which became the competitor of MJC.

The 1950s is another important decade for horse racing in the Philippines. During this time, a law was passed to establish the Games and Amusement Board which will regulate the gambling activities in the country including horse racing. And in 1957, the Club was registered at the Manila Stock Exchange to help professionalize the games. This was also the time when several off-track betting stations were established in different parts of the country.

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Also, races were broadcast live in a popular station. Starting the 1970s, several changes were made on the management of horse racing in the country. The changes were on the venues, the scheduling, and other management-related concerns. In 2018, it was reported that the horse racing industry is a ‘dying business’. But this was saved by a group of investors who operated the Club to great results.

Betting on Horse Races

Betting on horse racing is legal and allowed in the country. As early as 1903, Filipinos have already participated in betting activities that were regulated by the government. Today, betting on horses is still allowed and some races are hosted regularly. The betting activities on horse racing are controlled by several clubs and entities. The Philippine Racing Club and the Manila Jockey Club, Inc are two of the most important clubs in the country.

There are three ways on how to bet on horse racing: you can visit the facility and bet on the races or you can enjoy online betting services. Here are the basic steps that you can consider when you want to bet on-site or online.

On-Track Betting

  1. Once you are inside the facility, find the betting terminal or teller.
  2. Indicate the type of bet that you want to make.
  3. Indicate the number of horses that you have selected.
  4. Write the exact amount that you want to play. The terminal will display the amount that you need to cover.
  5. Pay and get your ticket before leaving the betting terminal.

Off-Track Betting (OTB)

Another option for enthusiasts is to visit the off-track betting terminals that are located in major cities around the country. If you are not aware of the different terminals in your area, you can visit the official website of the racing club. For example, the Philippine Racing Club maintains a list of locations of OTB in different parts of the country. You can check first the website to find the nearest OTB. This can help you save time when planning to take part in sports betting.

Online Betting

Another option is to visit an online casino or gambling platform that allows you to bet on horse racing. You complete the betting transactions in locally licensed casinos and platforms or offshore licensed operators. In the Philippines, one of the most popular platforms where you can follow horse racing is Mega Sports World. Here, you can bet online or complete the betting in one of its terminals.

To enjoy online betting at MSW or any other offshore operators, you need to create an account. Once you are ready to bet, simply login to your account and access horse racing using the side columns and the drop-down menu. Once you have selected the sports, you pull up the betting slip and place the wager. In the betting slip, you can find information like sport, event, selection, date, bet type, and your stake.

At MSW, you will find three wagering options: the Totals, Strait, and Money Line. And if you are new to the site, you can also use the Betting Guide that is made available on the platform. You can check this out before attempting to place your bets.

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Betting Options in Horse Racing

If you want to participate in horse racing then you should know the basics about horse racing betting. Here’s a quick look at the different types of bets that you can make when participating in horse racing betting.

Beginner Bets

Win: As the name suggests, you bet on the winning horse.

Show: This bet requires you to pick the horses winning first, second, or third.

Place: A bet that requires your pick to win first or second.

Across the Board: This comes with the three separate bets on the same horse.

Intermediate Bets

Exacta: Your bet that the first 2 horses will end the race in the same position.

Quinella: Your bet that the 2 horses will end in the top two positions in any order.

Trifecta: You pick the horses that will win from first to third place in order.

Advanced Bets

Superfecta: You pick the first four horses in order.

Grand Slam: A type of bet where you pick a horse that will finish in the top 3 for three consecutive races.

These are just some of the popular bets that you can play in horse racing. You can find other types of bets and wagering options depending on the club or the website where you will place the bets. It is highly recommended that you read first about the different types of bets before playing in real money. It also helps if you follow the sports and the previous results in horse racing. Knowing the past results and statistics in horse racing can help you make informed bets. You can also rely on horse racing tips and news that are often published in local papers and many websites focused on the horse racing industry.

FAQs About Horse Racing in the Philippines

🏇 Can I bet on horse racing in the Philippines?

Yes. This type of sport is still popular in the country. Even though the industry has faced some challenges in the past, races are still hosted which allows players to bet on the results.

🏁 Where can I go if I want to watch races and bet on the results?

There are three well-known racing tracks in the Philippines. Two of the popular racing tracks are located in Carmona and Naic, Cavite. There’s another racing track in Malvar, Batangas.

🐴 Do I need to visit the racing tracks to bet on horses?

No. Although you can find betting terminals in the race tracks, you are also given the option to bet off-site and online. Some several licensed casinos and operators accept bets online and in off-track betting terminals. Simply visit these terminals to enjoy the perks of horse racing Philippines without the need to be physically present at the race tracks.

📈 What are the types of bets that I can make in horse racing?

Just like other sports, horse racing features several bets. You can find specific bets that are best for your experience level. We highly recommend that you start with the basic bets like ‘Win’, ‘Show’, and ‘Place’.

📱 Can I bet using my mobile device?

Yes. If you visit some of the leading operators and licensed offshore sportsbooks, you will notice that the list of services often includes mobile betting. There are two options for how you can enjoy the mobile betting facility. One, you can download first an app and install it on your phone before you can bet. Two, you can instantly access the website and the bet slip directly on your phone. You don’t need to worry about